How Long Do Asphalt Roofs Last? An Expert’s Guide

Even if you have the sturdiest roofing, it won't last forever, unfortunately. How long do asphalt roofs last? Find out in this guide.

Whether you realize it or not, your roof performs many vital functions for your house. From keeping out rain to keeping a stable indoor temperature, your roof helps support your home in several ways.

However, in so doing, your roof takes a lot of damage. Sometimes this takes the form of weathering from storms, like hail damage. Other times, extreme temperatures may harm your roof.

Because of these factors, you may be wondering, “How long do asphalt roofs last?” If so, then you’re in luck! That’s the question we’ll answer in this article. Read on to learn more!

How Long Do Asphalt Roofs Last?

An asphalt roof usually lasts between 15-25 years. Of course, sudden factors like hurricanes or tornadoes could always cut this lifetime short.

If you’re wondering how long do roofs last, it helps to understand how they function. Forming your roof are overlapping asphalt shingles. These shingles heat up in the sun to create a watertight layer. This layer protects from UV rays and wind.

Over time, these shingles start to weather and wear out. If you live in a region that reaches extremely high temperatures, this process accelerates. The heat can cause cracks to appear in your shingles, which cut their lifespan short.

How To Make Roofs Last Longer

You want your roof to last as long as possible. The average asphalt roof cost isn’t cheap, so you should spend time performing regular maintenance work. Not sure what that looks like? Well, here are a few places to start.

If you’re comfortable getting on top of your roof, then look around and investigate. Do you have any loose shingles? What about cracks or dents, perhaps from a hot summer or recent hailstorm?

If you see an occasional cracked shingle, you can likely replace it on your own. While you’re on the roof, look for any fallen debris as well. This debris might include sticks, branches, or leaves.

While these may not seem like threats to your roof, looks can be deceiving. One of the primary accelerants of roof damage is water and moisture buildup.

When water accumulates on your roof, it wears down the shingles, slipping through cracks and breaking its waterproof seal. This process leads to leaks in your roof.

Leaves help to trap moisture, eventually rotting into your shingles and causing further harm to them. Preventing water buildup is also why you must clean your gutters, as they help filter water from your roof. This filtration prevents further buildup.

Roof Maintenance Checks

Once your roof hits the 15-year mark, you should start hiring professionals to examine your roof. If you’re wondering how often roofs should be inspected, the answer is that it varies.

In a region with extremely high temperatures, you should probably do it twice a year. In milder climates, an annual check should suffice.

Keep Your Asphalt Roof Healthy

The answer to “how long do asphalt roofs last” largely depends on your climate and personal effort. If you regularly work to keep your roof clean, it can last you for years.

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