Everything to Consider When Choosing a Gutter Installation Service

Finding people to install rain gutters for your roof requires knowing your options. Read on for what to consider when choosing a gutter installation service.

You can only clear out your gutters so many times before they rust through, rot, or both. You can try to perform a gutter replacement yourself, but more than likely, you’ll need to call a gutter installation service to give you a hand.

After all, if you attempt a DIY gutter installation, it could take days, even weeks. Most of the time, you don’t want to risk water damage to your foundation, so if you decide to go DIY, be cautious.

Still, how do you find the right gutter companies for you? Let’s break everything down step-by-step.

What Does a Rain Gutter Installer Do?

Well, to state the obvious, a rain gutter installation tech or service installs gutters around your home. Still, they can do so much more for you and your home.

In addition to installing rain gutters, a gutter installation tech can help you prep for a DIY job, and they can be an expert consultant on the type of gutter you should pick up.

An installation service will also help with the clean-up, which goes wholly overlooked in many DIY situations.

First, Do Your Research

Hiring a contractor or an installation service can be a little scary—even though it shouldn’t be!

Do your due diligence, you’ll be fine. So, grab those blue light glasses and strap yourself into your computer chair because it’s going to be a long night!

Make a list of the gutter installation services in your area and grab any pricing information you can. Then, look at their website.

Do they look legit? Does it look like they’re getting work? Do they have a lot of online customer reviews? Visit this website for an excellent example of what to look for.

If an installation service is busy, then they’re probably a good bet! If they’re not, they still might be. You’ll want to talk with them in person before making your final decision.

Then, Look For Their Gutter Installation Experience

When did the gutter installation company start working in the area? If they’ve worked in the same location for years without any complaints, then chances are, they’re consummate professionals.

If the gutter installation company has a large amount of work history but they’ve moved around frequently, that could be a red flag. Check-in with the owner or a representative to find out why they’ve moved locations so much.

Either way, the more experience your contractor or gutter installation service has, the better off your house will be.

Ask if the Gutter Installation Service Offers a Warranty

We all know that a good warranty and return policy are essential when making big buying decisions. Rain gutter installation can cost a pretty penny, so be sure that your purchase is insured.

A rain gutter service can provide a warranty in a couple of ways. They can ensure the gutters themselves if they’re custom made, they can guarantee their handy work or both.

For example, if the company you hire forgets to install corner caps on your gutters and you call them while the gutters are still under warranty, they would come to re-install your corner caps for free.

Likewise, if your custom gutters develop a hole, your installation service would hire a fabricator to stop the leak and repair any damage.

Either way, make sure that you have a guarantee or a warranty of some kind before you hire your installation service.

What Kinds of Material for Gutters Can You Choose From, and Can You Ask Your Gutter Installation Service for Help?

Like we said above, YES! You can and should ask your gutter installation company for help picking out the perfect gutters for your home. Gutters come in many different materials, with varying installation methods and tool requirements.

Before you start your gutter replacement, call up the gutter replacement service you would like to use and ask them about the kinds of gutters that they would recommend for your home and location.

Here are some general categories you should talk through with your installation service to determine what gutters are right for you.

Your Gutter’s Material

Gutters come in copper, aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel variants. Each material has its pros and cons. For example, copper and aluminum will typically last the longest, where plastic and steel will be cheaper but have a shorter lifespan.

Your Gutter’s Appearance

You might not want a plastic gutter running all around your meticulously cared-for porch. Instead, you want copper to contrast against the deep chocolatey wood stain you used on your porch boards.

Maybe you want to buy specific gutter shapes, or you want a custom design to match your architecture perfectly.

Then again, you might not care. All you want is a way to keep water away from your foundation for as cheap as possible.

Either way, the company you contract should be able to help you source the gutters you want.

Your Gutter’s Width

You can’t compromise on this factor. You need a pro to help you calculate how wide and deep your gutters should be to catch all the water your house’s roof sheds. Those dimensions will be 100% determined by the height and pitch of your roof.

So, ask about this early in case you need gutters that require special ordering.

Finally, Request a Quote

Get quotes from your top choices!

Like in many situations, comparing installation fees is often the deciding factor in gutter installations. To that end, once you have everything figured out, you can go with the lowest bidder. Getting the most for your money is a must.

Still, price shouldn’t necessarily be your end-all, determining factor. If you like a company more than the others, then support them instead.

So, Who Will Your Gutter Installation Service Provider Be?

Phew! That’s a lot of information to consider and act on. We’re proud of you for getting through it.

So, what do you say? Who will you hire to put gutters on your home? It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

For more great information like this, read the rest of our blog. It’s packed full of information and great, entertaining content. Finally, no matter what gutter installation service you choose, we know you’ll make the right decision for you!

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