How Long Can Anxiety Attacks Last?

Have you ever asked yourself the question: how long can anxiety attacks last? Read on to learn more about how long they usually last.

Have you ever experienced tapping feet or constant pacing as you work? Do you feel shaky and as if you want to leave a room during meetings? Do these anxiety attack symptoms sound familiar to you?

And the last thing you want to do is find yourself in a dangerous position because of anxiety. Yet, it’s only natural to ask, “how long can anxiety attacks last?” So, keep reading to learn some information about the answers to those questions and more!

The Common Length of Anxiety Attacks

It generally lasts no longer than 10 minutes, but the symptoms may last for much longer. It is not uncommon for people to feel anxious for several hours after an attack. After the peak, the anxiety will start to dissipate and will usually be gone within 20 minutes.

However, the feeling can last much longer, sometimes even hours after the attack has ended. The symptoms can include heart palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, trembling, sweating, and a feeling of impending doom.

It is important to remember that those symptoms mentioned are not harmful and do not indicate a medical emergency. It is not uncommon for people to experience multiple anxiety attacks in a single day. 

The good news is that anxiety attacks are not dangerous and will not last forever because once the attack has passed, you will likely feel relieved and may even laugh at how scared you felt.

The Length of Time Depends on the Individual

It is when that anxiety becomes so overwhelming that it interferes with our daily lives that it becomes a problem. The length of time an anxiety attack lasts depends on the individual and the severity of their anxiety.

Some people may experience one or two attacks in their lifetime, while others may have them on a daily basis. There is no definitive answer as to why some people have them more frequently than others.

However, it is thought that anxiety attacks are most likely to occur when someone is under a lot of stress or is experiencing a major life event.

How to Cope With Anxiety Attacks

One of the first anxiety attack tips is that try to stay calm and relaxed, it can be difficult, but deep breathing and visualization can help.

Focus on your breathing and slowly count to 10 as you inhale and then exhale. People who mostly experiencing anxiety and depression are doing this method as this can help lessen the attack. 

It is also important to keep a positive attitude and think positive thoughts, it can be also hard when you are feeling anxious, but remember that anxiety is only a temporary feeling.

Finally, it is important to talk to someone about what you are going through with your friend, family member, therapist, or anyone who will listen and support you. 

A Guide on How Long Can Anxiety Attacks Last

The best thing you can do is try to ride it out and wait for it to pass. If you’re worried and if they’re impacting your ability to live a normal life, talk to your doctor or mental health professional.

With this information on how long can anxiety attacks last, you can learn to control your anxiety and live a healthy and happy life. And remember, you are not alone with this!

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