How an Interior Paint Color Change Can Refresh Your Office or Business

One of the fastest and easiest ways to give your office or business a new, fresh look is with a color change. Learn how with this guide.

 Is it time for a color change in your business?

Psychology studies will tell you that the color you choose to paint your office will impact your workforce and clients. So choosing the best colors and professional finish is essential to convey the right message and set the mood.

Colors that are too dark might turn the mood somber and make your customers or employees feel depressed. Too much color can be over-stimulating and far too distracting for workers.

So which colors are best? Read this short guide to find what is the best color shade for your office.


White gives a very clinical appearance, and if you work in the medical industry, this is an excellent starting point. However, if you want to give off a clean but efficient vibe instead, try an off-white shade.

A color like eggshell will contain more warmth and make the room easy to decorate and accessorize around. If you are working with white, choose another color below to create an accent wall for added intensity.


Whether teal is actually a blue or a green is a subject of much debate. However, it is safe to say that it is a beautiful, soft color that has been shown to increase productivity amongst a workforce.

Accentuate teal with gray areas to give it an extremely professional finish. Speak with your commercial painters about how best to accent areas with different gray shades for maximum effect.


No, really. Brown is a powerful color that works extremely well with wood. So if you are using a lot of wooden furniture made from rich materials, you should match it with brown shades.

Brown is a warming color and naturally tends to give off more masculine vibes. So if your clientele is mainly feminine, you may want to give this color a miss for any interior paintwork.


Yellow shades, especially pastels, are very creative colors. You will often find them in designers’ offices and people who want to stimulate their creative juices daily.

Bright yellows will need to be tamed with darker shades to avoid overstimulation. But pastel yellows match well with off whites to create an invigorating environment when you paint your office.

Give It A Professional Finish

When furnishing and decorating your office space, you should always find a commercial painter. Your clients will be expecting a professional finish, and an expert will be able to advise on the best color scheme for space and the finishes that you will need to give it the best look.

A commercial painting services company will be able to give the best advice on achieving the look you want. So, you can combine and match your office paint colors perfectly and make an accent wall that really pops.

Time for a Color Change?

If this article has given you some inspiration for the next color change within your office space, then you should seek out some professional advice today. Talk to them about the best color scheme to bring the best out of your workforce or create a cool and calming environment for your clientele.

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