Get the Most Out of Your Windows With These Window Maintenance Tips

Has it been a while since you last properly maintained your windows? Here's how you can get the most out of them with these window maintenance tips.

When was the last time you inspected your windows? Windows can last for between fifteen and thirty years, but only if they are well-maintained. And well-maintained windows protect you and your home too. 

Windows can help you keep your utility costs low. Windows can be responsible for around 25% to 30% heat gain or loss in your home. So, to maintain a sustainable home, you want to ensure your windows are in top condition. 

You also risk health issues due to mold growth and UV exposure with poorly maintained windows. So, whether your windows are new or old, keeping on top of window maintenance is essential. Read on to learn the best ways to look after your residential windows. 

Clean Your Windows 

Learn how to clean your windows correctly, so they stay in top condition. It is best to sweep dirt and dust away before using any window cleaner and remove any screens to vacuum. Invest in quality window cleaner and do not neglect window tracks. 

Window tracks are prone to debris and moisture build-up. Keep the tracks of your windows working smoothly by regularly cleaning and lubricating them. 

Check Caulking

When you clean your windows, check your window frames for holes and cracks that need to be sealed. Cracks and gaps in window seals can impact your window’s energy efficiency and increase moisture in your home. Over time this can lead to health issues due to mold and damage to windows beyond repair. 

Address Window Damage

A small crack in your window might not seem like an issue, but be a smart homeowner and replace it fast. Cracks can quickly worsen and even shatter the window, plus your utility bills will steadily rise. 

The cost of window maintenance depends on the types of windows you have. The window industry is continuing to develop more sustainable window options, so it may work out better for you to replace your windows. Use this link to get a triple or double glazing quote. 

Test Window Fit

Check the fit of your windows as part of your window maintenance. Over time windows can lose their fitting due to seasonal changes, extreme weather, and general wear and tear.

If you notice moisture or have issues closing or opening your windows, it is time to get window maintenance. It is best to call a professional service to address poor-fitting windows.

Inspect Windows Annually

It can be helpful to include a professional inspection annually as part of your window maintenance. A professional window service will notice any issues with your windows and address problems before they escalate. This way, your windows will remain in their optimum condition.

Window Maintenance for a Sustainable Home

Follow these window maintenance tips to get the most out of your windows. Not only will it make your home more sustainable, but you will also save money, protect your health, and ensure you get the returns on your window investment.

However, there comes a time when window maintenance costs the same as window maintenance. There are different types of home windows, so consider window replacement if your windows have many problems. 

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