The Sign and Symptoms of an Omega 3 Deficiency

Omega 3 is critical for your overall health and wellbeing. Read on too learn about the signs and symptoms of omega 3 deficiency that you should never ignore.

Are you looking to be healthier? It all starts with exercise and eating healthy. Eating the right foods is a must. 

There’s one component you need to include in your diet. Omega 3 fatty acids are necessary for human health. The body can’t make it, so you need to get them from food. 

Data shows that 95% of Americans don’t have adequate levels of omega 3. Several signs and symptoms can let you know if you have an omega 3 deficiency. 

Read on to learn about the signs and symptoms of omega 3 deficiency to determine if you need more of this fatty acid. 

Dry Skin and Chapped Lips

Is your skin dry? If you lack omega 3 fatty acids, this is one of the first signs you’ll find. Your skin will become sensitive and prone to irritation. 

Your skin will also appear red. This happens when the skin loses moisture. Omega 3 deficiency can also cause your lips to become chapped. 

Omega 3 fatty acids can strengthen the skin barrier. This helps to protect it from irritants that can make it dry. 


Depression is one of the signs of omega 3 deficiency. Feelings of depression can suggest you have low levels of omega 3 fatty acids. 

Omega 3 fats are an important component of the brain. They can produce a neuroprotective effect. 

Dry Eyes

Do your eyes bother you a lot? It may be a sign that you lack omega 3 fats in your diet. Omega 3 can maintain eye moisture and produce tears. 

Stop putting up with dry and itchy eyes. Eat more foods that contain omega 3 like fish and yogurt. 

Joint Pain and Stiffness

Joint pain and stiffness also make up omega 3 deficiency symptoms. Consuming foods high in omega 3 can reduce joint pain. This fatty acid can also help relieve stiffness. 

Hair Changes

Omega 3 fatty acids also help to keep one’s hair healthy. If you have been noticing changes in hair texture and density, the problem may be omega 3 deficiency. 

Brittle Nails

Even your nails can suffer if you don’t have healthy levels of omega 3. If you have brittle and soft nails, it’s time you take action and get more omega 3 fatty acids in your diet. 

Improving Your Omega 3 Status

The importance of omega 3 can’t be understated. It’s essential to improve your omega 3 status if there’s a need to. One of the best ways to improve this status is by eating foods that contain it. 

For some people, it may be hard to access these foods. The good news is that there’s another way to improve one’s omega 3 status. 

You can add omega 3 supplements to your diet. These come in a softgel form which makes them easy to take. 

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Omega 3 Deficiency

If you’re experiencing any of these signs or symptoms, you likely have an omega 3 deficiency. Don’t wait any longer to address this issue. You must eat more foods high in omega 3 and take omega 3 supplements to experience the benefits of omega 3. 

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