Furniture Protection While Moving

Are you planning a move? If you're looking for ways to protect your furniture during the moving process, look no further. Read on for furniture protection tips.

Furnishing the interior of a home can be very expensive. It’s not uncommon at all for people to pay upwards of $25,000 for all the furniture they’ll need to furnish their houses.

With this in mind, people will typically choose to bring their furniture with them when they move from one house to another. It’s a more cost-effective way to furnish their new home after their move is complete.

If you’re planning on doing this, you’re going to need to keep furniture protection in the back of your mind at all times while making a move. The last thing that you want to do is fail to protect furniture while moving and have it get ruined.

Want to know how to protect your furniture while planning a move so that it doesn’t get all banged up during the moving process? We’re going to set you up with some tips that will help you do it.

Continue reading to check out our furniture protection tips and tricks.

Invest in the Right Supplies for Packing Furniture Up for a Move

When you’re planning a move, you’re obviously going to need to secure a bunch of different moving supplies. This will include things like moving boxes and packing tape.

It should also include all of the supplies that you’re going to need for packing furniture. Some of the things that you’ll want to obtain are:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Sofa covers
  • Mattress covers
  • Plastic bags
  • Plastic stretch wrap

Far too often, people attempt to simply move furniture as is—and they usually end up paying the price for it. You’re going to put your furniture in harm’s way if you don’t provide it with enough furniture protection.

You should be especially diligent about covering your furniture up while moving it when you move to a new city.

Clean All Your Furniture Prior to Preparing It for a Move

You might not think that it would make much sense to clean furniture before you move it. What’s the point of doing it if there is a chance that it’s just going to get dirty while you’re moving?

But it makes more sense than you might think. You’re going to have a tough time keeping things like sofa covers and plastic stretch wrap on your furniture when it’s covered with dirt and dust.

You don’t necessarily need to deep clean every piece of furniture that you have when you’re getting ready to move it. But you should dust it all down and wipe it all off so that it’s on the cleaner side for moving day.

Dismantle as Much of Your Furniture as You Can Before Moving It

It’s not going to be possible for you to dismantle all of the furniture that you have in your home. You’re going to waste your time if you attempt to take apart something like, say, a sofa.

But if you have a handful of tables that you’re going to be moving, you might want to consider taking the legs off of them to make them easier to pack. You should be able to remove the legs from tables within just a few minutes.

Just make sure that you keep all the pieces for your furniture clearly labeled so that you don’t have any trouble tracking them down later.

Wrap Your Furniture Up With Bubble Wrap, Covers, Plastic Bags, Etc.

Once you reach this point in the furniture protection process, you can begin to wrap up the various pieces of furniture that you have. You should choose the right supplies to wrap your furniture up with while you’re getting it all ready to go.

You can use bubble wrap to wrap up things like the individual pieces of your tables. You can use covers for things like your sofa and your mattresses. And you can use plastic stretch wrap and plastic bags for dressers, bookshelves, and other furniture that features drawers.

Almost every piece of furniture that you’re going to move should have some kind of covering on it. It’ll stop it from getting damaged while you’re moving it to your new home.

Strategically Position Your Furniture in the Back of Your Moving Van

As long as you do everything else that we’ve talked about thus far, your furniture should be safe and sound when you get it into the back of a moving van. But even with that being said, you should still try to be strategic about where you place furniture in your moving van.

This is how you might want to go about strategically placing furniture in your moving van:

  • Start by using your moving boxes to create a wall that runs across the back of your moving van
  • Place a row of square furniture against the wall of moving boxes
  • Stick a row of mattresses in front of your square furniture
  • Put any upholstered furniture up against the back of your mattresses and make sure they’re secure with ropes, ties, etc.
  • Fill in any additional space that you have left with more moving boxes

By taking these steps, you’ll be able to stop everything that you’re moving from moving around too much while you’re driving your moving van. It’ll keep furniture protection at the forefront of your mind throughout your move.

Hire Furniture Movers to Help You If You Need Assistance

A lot of the furniture that you’re going to be moving will be heavy. As a result, you might not be able to lift it and move it safely.

If this is the case, you shouldn’t be shy about hiring movers to assist you with your furniture. They’ll be able to pick it up from your existing home and move it out to your moving van and then remove it from your moving van and into your new home once you arrive.

You’re going to be so focused on trying to find homes for sale throughout the moving process that it’ll be nice to have movers in your corner. They’ll make moving so much less stressful than it would be otherwise.

Providing Furniture Protection Will Be Very Important When You’re Moving

You probably paid a whole lot of money for the furniture that you have in your home. So you don’t want to have any of it get broken when you’re moving to a new house.

It’s what makes furniture protection of the utmost importance. You should take all the necessary steps to protect furniture while moving so that you don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged at any point.

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