Everything You Need to Know About PCNOK & Its Benefits

The Patient Care Network of Oklahoma PCNOK serves the elderly in Oklahoma.

According to Oklahoma.gov, over 800,000 Oklahomans are over the age of 60, and some 65,000 plus are over the age of 65. And this number is only continuing to rise year after year.

Solutions like PCNOK are built to support this growing demand.

Learn more about the PCNOK, how it works, and what benefits members can expect in the post below.

What Is the PCNOK?

The PCNOK is a nonprofit healthcare organization that offers reliable home care services to the elderly. As an organization, they serve as leaders in chronic disease management and focus on helping patients live happier, healthier lives.

They provide comprehensive patient care, including surgical and medical services, long-term care, and rehabilitation solutions. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, PCNOK is also home to more than 650 members. Members include physicians, clinics, home health agencies, nursing homes, hospitals, and other long-term care providers.

PCNOK provides access to more than 1 million patients yearly through their networks.

Services that PCNOK Offers

PCNOK dedicates itself to offering care services at a discount or no cost. They also ensure that all your healthcare information is located in one spot for easier access.

Doctors can better spend more time with their patients, making for better doctor-patient relations. Quality patient care and robust information technology benefit patients and providers.

-Discounts for Military Personnel & Their Families

-No-Cost To the Patient & Insurance Companies

-125 Urban and Rural Health Care Delivery Sites

-Data-Driven Strategies to Improve Health Outcomes

-Health Care Savings of up To 24%

-Toll-Free Telephone Assistance Available 24/7

Eligibility For Members

Provider members in the PCNOK must meet the network’s standards of practice and code of ethics to be eligible to join the membership. This nonprofit healthcare consortium comprises 34 hospitals, including six children’s hospitals and 2,000 physicians.

Any hospital or physician who meets the code of ethics standards of the organization can apply to be a member. Improving access to specialty care is the focus of this organization.

Unique Benefits of PCNOK

PCNOK improves patients’ lives throughout Oklahoma through research, advocacy, and education.

They provide significant benefits to both patients and providers.

Benefits for providers:

  • Increased Resources & Assistance to Members, Hospitals, and Clinics
  • Database of statewide healthcare resources
  • Educational programs for providers
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Shared electronic health record
  • Joint laboratory system
  • Statewide cancer network

Benefits for patients:

  • Easily find health care providers through a searchable database
  • Check on the health of a loved one via easily accessible test results and medical records
  • Health care resources to improve health etc.


Another benefit of PCNOK and its technology is its approach to long-term support for patients. With intelligent detection, PCNOK can help in emergencies, preventing unfortunate side-effects from procedures, etc. It also includes home access to patients who need in-home care services. Best of all, it connects healthcare providers with their families and patients.

Leadership That Counts

This organization has a strong statewide impact thanks to its leadership. They collaborate with communities throughout the state to help people find better wellness and health services.

On A Mission to Reduce Patient’s Cost

Reducing the healthcare costs patients pay is the mission of this nonprofit. PCNOK provider members use data-driven strategies to radically improve health outcomes as they drive down patient costs.

The organization is also passionate about attaining high patient engagement, quality care, and satisfaction. The combination of lowering the overall cost of healthcare for patients while improving the general health of Oklahomans keeps this organization moving forward.

Types of Insurances They Accept

PCNOK accepts most forms of primary health insurance. Medicaid, Medicare, private and self-pay patients are received within the network.

Final Thoughts

Customized and comprehensive, PCNOK offers a patient care network that meets and exceeds Oklahoma patients’ needs. Quality care from various providers ensures affordable and convenient services for the elderly throughout the state.

Learn more at Oklahoma.gov.

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