How to Cope with Adult Acne

How to Cope with Adult Acne

Some occurrences, health issues and rites of passage are entirely confined to the teenage years, such as puberty and buying your first legal beer over the bar.

Other experiences, however, tend to still be associated mainly with teenagers, but are in fact, situations that anyone of any age could find themselves in, with no more an apt example being adult acne.

So, whether you have developed acne as an adult or are conducting research on behalf of a friend or member of your family, you have definitely clicked on the right article.

Here is how to cope with adult acne.

Why Does Adult Acne Develop?

There are plenty of different reasons why you may develop acne as an adult, including:

  • High Levels of Stress & Anxiety
  • Fluctuating Hormone Levels
  • A Genetic Predisposition
  • Side-Effects of Prescription Medicine

Sometimes, the onset of adult acne can possibly mean you are living with an as-of-yet undiagnosed underlying medical condition, which is why it is always best to contact your doctor.

More Surprising Causes…

In addition to the above, more common, causes of adult acne, there are also other possible, perhaps surprising, possible triggers.

If you have recently changed any hairspray or other styling products, your skin could be allergic to one or more ingredients, and the same can also be said for any facial hair removal or exfoliation cream.

People who choose to use make-up remover over the considerably gentler micellar water are sometimes more susceptible as are those who apply heavier and thicker than average sunscreen on their face and neck.

Treatment Options

Fortunately, even if you are not fully certain of the root cause of your acne, there are many different practical ways to try and keep your breakout at bay, such as:

A HydraFacial

Chicago hydrafacial professionals regularly see people who have developed adult acne and often receive rave reviews from those who have undergone several treatment sessions, citing a reduction in itching and discomfort, as well as a general calming-down of the spots.

In addition, the techniques used in a HydraFacial can also help regulate the oil levels in your skin by reducing the excess sebum, with the strength of the facial itself being customized to your specific skin type.

Birth Control Pills

If you were already considering changing your form of birth control, then for people with acne, you should look into taking birth control pills.

A couple of the hormones contained in the ingredients of birth control pills help to block the level of androgen released into your system, and androgen is one of the hormones that make the body heighten the level of oil produced in your glands.

Upgrade Your Make-Up Brands

Especially if you wear a full face of make-up every single day, you certainly need to start improving your skincare routine and remove every scrap of make-up from your face every night.

Additionally, from now on, you should only use make-up and sunscreen, which are both non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic, as well as making sure any product you use contains no trace of oil.

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