Do You Have to Clean Solar Panels? A Maintenance Guide

If you're considering going solar, congratulations—it's a great way to save. Do you have to clean solar panels? Learn how to maintain them here.

Did you know that the number of homes in the US installing solar power is expected to increase by 300% by 2030?

As energy costs rise and panel prices come down, installing solar is becoming a very attractive option for homeowners. 

If you’re considering going solar—or have recently installed a system—you might be wondering do you have to clean solar panels?

The answer is yes. Cleaning your panels is an important part of solar panel maintenance. If too much dirt builds up on them, the efficiency of your system will drop. 

However, you need to be careful, because aggressive solar panel cleaning can cause damage. 

To keep your panels operating at peak performance, continue reading to find out how to clean a solar panel without running the risk of damage.

Hose Down Your Panels to Get Rid of Dust and Debris

Have you noticed a layer of dust accumulating and are wondering “do you have to clean solar panels?” 

If your panels are just a little bit dusty, the best thing to do is simply hose them down with some water. Use a regular garden hose, and do not use a pressure washer. Pressure washing your panels is an easy way to get them sparkling clean in no time at all, but you will run the risk of damaging your panels. 

Saving a few minutes of time is definitely not worth the cost of a new set of solar panels. 

Gently Scrub Your Panels to Lift Stubborn Dirt Spots

If stubborn dirt spots have developed on your panels, such as bird droppings, the best way to get these off is with a soft cloth, some water, and a little gentle soap. 

Start by rinsing down your panels so the water can help soften the dirt. After that, you can go in and gently wipe the panels to loosen any leftover residue. 

After this, end things off with a final rinse. 

Avoid Harsh Clearing Agents

It’s very important that you don’t use harsh chemical agents for your solar panel cleaning. Harsh cleaners can damage the reflective coating on your panels and compromise their operation. 

You should also avoid using hard scrubbing brushes and scourers on your panels, as these can scratch the surface. 

In short, solar panel cleaning materials should be soft and non-abrasive. To be safe, stick to things like chamois and microfiber cloths. 

Fortunately, if you pick a reliable installer such as Blue Raven, you will get a comprehensive guarantee on your panels and installation. Most damage is covered by panel warrantees, but it’s still a good idea to do everything you can to make sure you don’t damage your panels while cleaning them. 

Do You Have to Clean Solar Panels? Yes You Do

If you were wondering “do you have to clean solar panels?” the answer is yes, you do. 

Fortunately, cleaning your solar panels is not a massive job. All you have to do is give them a rinse. If there are any bits of lodged dirt, simply rub them off with a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. 

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