My Automatic Gate Won’t Open! What Should I Do?

So your automatic gate won't open, and you're stuck outside. Don't panic. Read on to learn what to do next and how to fix this problem here.

Are you locked inside your home because your automatic gate won’t open? All automatic gate owners have experienced this issue, but there are a few ways to troubleshoot a faulty gate.

Some factors, like the weather, affect your gate more than others. Your electric gate not working after rain is a common problem, but that doesn’t mean that it should be happening. 

Electric gates are a great addition to your home. They help keep intruders out and your pets and children safe from the road. But there comes a point when you need your gate repaired because you’re stuck in or outside of your property.

If you need help opening your electric gate, then keep reading!

Your Remote

Before inspecting your gate, you must start at your remote. If it is shining a red light every time you press the button, it needs a battery replacement. 

If your remote doesn’t shine a red light, replacing the battery is still a safe option before considering anything else. Your remote may also be beyond its life expectancy if the gate still won’t open after battery replacement. 

In this case, you must call your supplier to assist you. 

Obstructions or Mechanical Issues

Swing gates are more susceptible to this issue than sliding gates. If there is debris or a small object blocking your gate’s path, then it won’t open. 

First, check for broken or damaged parts. The rails of your gate may be full of dried-up leaves and dirt, which clog the mechanism. If they’re not maintained, then this issue becomes common. 

Rust is also something that causes your gate not to open. 

The best way to check if there is something obstructing your gate is to turn off the power and manually move your gate. If you find yourself asking,

“Can electric gates be forced open?”

Yes, they can. 

If the gate moves easily, then that eliminates the chance of it being the problem. 

Electrical Issues

Once you’ve made sure that there are no mechanical issues, you should consider looking for electrical problems. If your electric gates open but won’t close, the first step is checking to see if the “hold open” command is activated. Switching it off will solve your issue.

But most likely, you’re here because your gates won’t open. If this is the case, then reset the power on your gate operator. When that doesn’t work, check if there is any build-up on the sensors.

If all else fails, it may be time to replace the battery on the edge transmitters. Check if they’re still functioning and if they’re not, replace the battery. 

When You Should Consider Repair

If this is a common occurrence for your household, you should consider repair. Hiring a trusted company for gate repair is important, so make sure to do your research.

Some companies offer emergency services for your gate. But do not let the problem go on for too long. If left unattended, your gate’s problems may evolve into something more serious.

When Your Automatic Gate Won’t Open

So your automatic gate won’t open and now you’re sitting in your car, frustrated as ever. With these tips, you should now know how to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

If your automatic gates still won’t open after inspecting your remote and for any mechanical or electrical issues, consider getting a repair. 

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