Debunking the Most Common Window Replacement Myths That Exist Today

There's been a lot of gossip and hearsay amongst homeowners recently. Let's debunk the most common window replacement myths that exist today.

Are you curious about your window replacement options, but hesitate to explore them out of fear of making a bad decision?

New windows bring new opportunities, but the process of getting the right ones for your home is confusing and often full of myths that seem true.

With a little research, you can unlock the power of windows and allow natural light access where you need it most. Here are the common window replacement myths and how they can help you.

When They Plan To Sell Their Homes

Many homeowners believe that old windows could be dragging the price of their home down. You don’t need to replace windows to sell a home. Though replacing old windows could add value, you often wouldn’t see a huge difference in your home’s price. Furthermore, buyers don’t expect new windows, so you don’t need to replace them unless they are dated.

New Windows Do Not Increase Energy Efficiency

One of the most common myths about local window installation is that new windows do not increase energy efficiency.

This could not be further from the truth. New windows, when properly installed, seal air leaks, reduce drafts, and return heat in. This increases energy efficiency by reducing energy consumption.

If a smart homeowner is looking for increased energy savings on their energy bills, investing in new windows should be on the list.

A Higher-quality Material is Not Necessary

When it comes to replacing windows, there are quite a few myths floating around. One of those myths is that higher-quality material is unnecessary. This myth is not only incorrect but also perpetuates a false economic mindset.

Instead, when replacing windows, you should be sure to buy the best materials available. Quality materials provide many advantages over other materials. Quality windows are designed for a longer life as well as lasting beauty that lasts through time.

Replace Windows During Summer

Many homeowners hesitate to replace windows during the summer months due to several common myths that exist, but it can be the perfect time to have windows replaced! Debunking these myths will help to assure homeowners that there is no need to wait for cooler months to replace windows.

One of the major myths about window replacement during the summer is that the heat of the season will cause the window to heat up and become unbearable. However, windows can be designed and installed in such a way that heat will be properly and efficiently regulated, dispelling the myth that high temperatures will reduce home comfort.

They reduce heat transfer through walls and windows thanks to their energy-efficient features. Besides helping to reduce energy waste, replacing windows can also reduce the homeowner’s energy bills.

It Is Only for Cracked or Damaged Windows

Window replacement doesn’t only occur when you need to replace cracked or damaged windows. In many cases, it is done to increase the curb appeal of a home or to improve energy efficiency.

Residential windows that are old, inefficient, and decaying can become a huge energy drain in the form of increased electricity bills. New windows can also add a lot of aesthetic value to a house and make it look more inviting. Consequently, it can even increase its market value.

There are many new materials and styles that can be chosen from, which makes window replacement an attractive option for home improvement. So, don’t let the myth that window replacement is only for cracked or damaged windows stop you from considering it for increasing your home’s energy efficiency or aesthetics!

The Higher the Price, the Better the Window

When it comes to replacing windows in your home, one of the most common myths is that the higher the price, the better the window. This simply isn’t true. All windows have different design features, insulation abilities, energy efficiency ratings, and warranties, meaning that they may come with a lower price tag and still provide the same or better quality.

Taking the time to compare different windows and determine what is best for your home and budget can go a long way. When it comes to window replacement, it’s not just about the price; researching and understanding building material choices, certifications, and durability are important factors to consider as well.

Doing your research and having realistic expectations will help ensure you get the best window for your needs.

Vinyl Windows Are the Industry’s Standard

This can be attributed to the fact that vinyl windows typically cost less than wood windows, but that doesn’t mean they are the only option available. In reality, wood windows are still used by many homeowners for both aesthetic and practical reasons due to the variety of frame materials, colors, and shapes available.

Aluminum windows can provide an excellent thermal barrier and are more durable than either wood or vinyl. The best window for you depends on your budget, the kind of windows that currently exist in your home, and how you want to use the windows.

While vinyl windows do make up a large part of the window market, they are by no means the only option available.

Replace Windows Until a Major Remodel

One of the most common myths is that windows will need to be replaced until major remodeling is completed. This could not be further from the truth, as window replacements can be done with a major remodel.

A contractor needs to remove the existing window, take some measurements, order the necessary window, and install it. Furthermore, these same contractors can then caulk the window frame, seal any weatherstripping, and tidy up the work area. It’s a simple, fuss-free process that does not require a major remodel.

Contact an Expert To Debunk Window Replacement Myths

Window replacement myths are common but easy to debunk. Now that you have the facts, it’s time to take the plunge and make some changes to your windows. It’s an investment that pays off with greater energy efficiency, style, and cost savings.

Get in touch with a window expert today for an honest assessment of your current windows and a customized plan for your window replacement.

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