Cha-Ching! The 18 Top Paying Jobs in America for College Grads

While you'll want a job that you'll love, you also want to make good money. Here are the 10 top-paying jobs in America that are perfect for college grads.

Did you know that the employment rate in 2019 was higher for individuals with higher levels of education? If you want to learn about the top-paying jobs for college graduates, we can help.

In this guide, we’ll go over some top-paying jobs in America to consider.

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1. Pharmacist

Pharmacists prep medications. They go through physician’s orders and review different drug therapies. They will explain to patients how to take meds. A pharmacist will make sure the patient has the correct dosage. The pharmacist tries to prevent any harmful drug interactions.

2. Actuary

An actuary will help to maintain a society’s financial stability. The actuary will manage risks. They will figure out the economic consequences of uncertainty and specific risks.

3. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

A certified registered nurse anesthetist administers anesthesia to patients before surgery. They monitor patients during the surgery and help the patient recover smoothly afterward.

4. Financial Analyst

If you have a passion for finance, you could look at becoming a financial analyst. A financial analyst will check a company’s past and current financial performance.

The analyst reviews data, make reports, and creates a prediction.

A financial analyst will also check out investment opportunities. They will try to figure out possible outcomes on the business’s decisions.

5. Work For an Insurance Company

A lot of people will work for insurance companies as insurance agents. If you have an interest in this area, consider looking for a local insurance company.

There are many different areas you can pursue within the insurance industry. Some people will sell automotive insurance, while others pursue health insurance.

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6. Civil Engineer

You could consider an engineering position. There are tons of top-paying engineering jobs in America. A lot of students pursue a degree in civil engineering. 

A civil engineer will improve the environmental conditions around where people live. They are responsible for maintaining bridges, railways, roads, and other structures. The engineer will also oversee the construction of a building.

7. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers create processes to produce things like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food. They will conduct tests to make sure these processes perform well during production.

8. Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers will design, create, and test machines that produce power. The mechanical engineer will improve or install different mechanical components and systems. The engineer will problem-solve and use scientific knowledge during the process.

9. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineers will design and create electrical equipment and control systems. They will oversee the manufacturing of electrical systems, equipment, and devices. The engineer will test the equipment.

10. Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear engineers create electrical systems and equipment to make the most of nuclear radiation. Some nuclear engineers try to figure out how to use radioactive materials in medical fields.

11. Statistician

Statistics will use their math skills to analyze different data and come to a conclusion. They will create processes and methods for data collection. A statistician will look for trends. They will need to communicate their findings with stakeholders.

12. Computer Scientist

Computer scientists identify how to transmit and transform information by using a computer. The computer scientist creates computing languages and algorithms. They also look for ways to work with computers. A computer scientist will figure out how to improve a computer’s hardware. The computer scientist will also test new computer designs and systems.

13. Industrial Engineer

An industrial engineer tries to limit wastefulness. The engineer will create efficient systems in different sectors like transportation and manufacturing. Also, they will assess the production process of a business.

Industrial engineers will create a system more efficient, increase quality, safety, and productivity.

14. Petroleum Engineer

A petroleum engineer will look for gas and oil to meet a country’s energy needs. The engineer develops methods for gas and oil extraction. They will oversee the drilling process and create methods for petroleum recovery.

A petroleum engineer will also figure out how to extract gas and oil from older wells.

15. Biomedical Engineer

A biomedical engineer will use medical, biological, and engineering principles during their job. They design and build biomedical devices and equipment found in the healthcare industry.

16. Economist

Economists will gather data and evaluate the information. An economist researches different economic matters and presents findings using charts, tables, and reports. An economist will also try to predict future market trends.

17. Software Engineer

Software engineers will specialize in programming and engineering languages. The engineer will create computer games and software products and make sure the network control systems operate efficiently. The software engineer will also try and look for common issues and improve the systems.

18. Construction Manager

Construction is an industry that will always need workers. People are always building residential or commercial buildings. You could look at becoming a construction manager.

Consider working for the private sector or getting a government contract. You can manage the construction of residential or commercial buildings.

Construction managers can get their position through experience. Yet, if you have a master’s or bachelor’s degree, you might be able to get this job. You will need the expertise and skills to work as a manager.

If you want to become a construction manager, consider looking for a job in the government or private sector. 

Consider These Top-Paying Jobs in America

We hope this guide on the top-paying jobs in America was helpful. Now that you know about the different professions, consider what job you would like to pursue. You might want to become a statistic, pharmacist, or software programmer.

Use this top-paying jobs in American list to narrow down your options.

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