4 Perfect Roofing Materials for Your Home

There are several types of roofing materials you have to choose from for your house. Our guide here explains these different options.

Is your roof starting to look rundown? Or, have you noticed signs of a leak? If so, it might be time to schedule a roof replacement. Fortunately, it’s a project with good value. In fact, on average, you can expect up to a 60.7% ROI when replacing your roof.

However, that number varies depending on which roofing materials you choose for your project. So, what are your roofing options, and which materials should you choose? We’re glad you asked. 

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of roofing materials so you can feel confident that you’re making the right choice for your home. 

1. Metal Roofing

If you love the idea of curling up with a good book while you listen to the rain pitter-patter outside, then consider metal roofing for your project. Not only does metal roofing lead to a lovely sound during rainstorms, but it’s also a very durable material that lasts longer than some other options. In some cases, it can last as long as 70 years, meaning you might never have to replace it again. 

However, keep in mind that metal roofing is often a more expensive option. Work with a local residential roofing company to outline your budget to figure out if metal roofing can work within it. 

2. Asphalt Shingles

Wondering which roofing material is most popular in the US? Look no further than asphalt shingles. Homeowners love them because they’re budget-friendly and easy to install, which also helps to keep costs down.

If you want to keep your project cost-efficient, then asphalt shingles are your best option. They also come in a variety of colors, so you can choose something that matches the aesthetic of the rest of your home. 

Unfortunately, this type of home roofing material is not as durable as other options, with an average lifespan of 20-25 years. It also doesn’t provide much insulation compared to other materials, so keep that in mind as well. 

3. Wood Shingles

Looking for a rustic vibe for your home? Consider wood shingles, which are often made from southern pine, cedar, or redwood. Like asphalt shingles, this roofing material generally lasts between 20 and 25 years. 

However, depending on where you live, they may not be an option for your home. Some local fire codes prohibit the use of wood shingles, as they’re prone to fire damage. They’re also a liability in some wet climates, as they tend to mold and rot with too much exposure to precipitation. 

4. Clay and Concrete Tiles

If you like the idea of adding texture to your roof, clay and concrete tiles are a great way to do so. Often, these tiles are scalloped or ribbed, giving your home a unique look. 

These tiles are popular because of their durability, lasting up to 50 years in many cases. They’re also energy-efficient, helping to maintain the temperature in your home.

However, they are also expensive and very heavy, making them a bit harder to install. 

Choose the Right Roofing Materials

Now that you know more about some of the most common roofing materials, you have the knowledge you need to pick the right option for your home. 

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