Building a Capsule Wardrobe: How to Choose a High-Quality Knit

Building a Capsule Wardrobe: How to Choose a High-Quality Knit

Trends constantly change with different things going in and out of fashion; keeping up with these trends can cost a lot of money as well as being bad for the environment. For these reasons, there’s been increasing focus on the capsule wardrobe, which is a term for a is carefully curated to ensure that all of the pieces are interchangeable and designed to look good with most of the other pieces. Every item should also be timeless, meaning that you will continue to look put together regardless of the trends of the day. One thing that every capsule wardrobe needs is a knitted sweater, so how do you choose one? Here are our top tips.  

Shopping in Person

Some people do prefer to shop in person, and there are definitely benefits to doing so, like the longevity – if you have the time, of course. If your shopping for knitwear, you need to learn to tell the difference between a quality knit and an inferior product.

Many buyers prefer natural fibres, and they do have their selling points, but that isn’t the only thing that you should be looking for. Firstly, the fibres themselves can denote quality; you should be looking for thicker fibres and a neat, defined knit. Lower quality products are often – but not always – made from thinner wools because using them saves the brand money.

The weave should also be pretty tight and closely knit; obviously, this is a little tricky because it is determined by the design but on the whole. Looser knits tend to be weaker and, therefore, more prone to pulls, snags, pilling, rips and holes. Thinner sweaters can also be durable, but again, the knit should be tighter.

Lastly, look at how the sweater is displayed. Is it on a hanger? And if it is, how does it look off it? Does it sag, or does it bounce back? A good quality knit – especially a new one should retain its shape and bounce back, so to speak. Lesser quality knits are more likely to lose their shape because they don’t have the same ability.

Shopping Online

If you do not have the time to shop in person, then fear not, you can still find a high-quality knit when shopping online. If you are shopping online, then make sure you read the return policy and leave the tags on until you are absolutely sure that you are going to keep them.

Firstly, you should be wary of online stores that have vague product descriptions. They should list the composition of the fabric like The Sweater Shop, which lists the composition of each and every piece in the product description; they also have some great seasonal knitwear bargains.

As an extension of that, you should also be looking for several other keywords in the product description. A quality brand will detail the origin of the material, and, in the case of knitwear, they tend to also detail how they have been made. You should also keep an eye out for words that describe the thickness of the knit, like ‘chunky’, ‘heavy’, or whatever it is you are looking for.

To Conclude

A capsule wardrobe needs to be made up of high-quality pieces; otherwise, they won’t last, and then what is the point? A quality piece of knitwear can last for years, and if you have chosen a timeless look, then it’ll never go out of style, either.

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