Benefits of Double Glazing.

Benefits of Double Glazing

The are many benefits of double-glazing your home, but how exactly do double-glazed units work? How do they prevent heat from escaping, and cold air from entering your home? Apart from the roof, windows are the easiest way for heat to leave your home. While light and airy homes might be desirable, there’s a price to pay for having lots of glass: high energy bills and a colder home. However, thermal double glazing can efficiently reduce heat loss in your home.

Thermal control.

The insulation qualities of thermal double glazing work in two ways. They make your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. The insulating layer inside windows made by Thermal Double Glazing dramatically reduces heat transfer in both directions. This gap is the key design feature to help maintain temperature control inside your home. The window cavity does not need to be sealed. As long as the space is maintained between inside and outside, the window will retain its thermal efficiency. The gap in a double-glazing unit normally acts as an insulator which drastically reduces heat transfer. Double glazing accounts for around 54% – 64% reduction in heat loss from any home.

Better energy efficiency.

Double-glazing is more efficient in retaining energy than regular doors and windows. This translates to reduced energy consumption. Ultimately, you will benefit from lower heating bills and a warmer home and also lower your carbon emissions. Furthermore, double-glazed windows help to ensure your home maintains a constant comfortable ambient temperature. You will enjoy a cooler environment in the summer and a warmer environment in the winter.

Easy maintenance.

uPVC windows, for example, don’t need any painting. You simply need to wash them from time to time with warm soapy water to keep them looking fresh and clean. They will probably never need to be replaced.

Enhanced security.

Double-glazed doors and windows are stronger than conventional single-pane windows. In addition, the frames are more rigid and therefore difficult to break into.

Peace and quiet.

Double glazing is highly effective at significantly reducing any unwanted noise from entering the home from outside, ensuring you enhanced peace and quiet at home.

Condensation occurs in a home when cold air from the outside meets a warmer surface. The air gap between the two panes of double-glazed units virtually eliminates condensation. If your home has condensation issues then you should consider thermal double glazing as this will really help to reduce it.

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