Benefits Of Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions

Benefits Of Buying Clip-In Hair Extensions

When COVID-19 struck, everything came to a grinding halt. Life did resume, but with a more virtual connection. People met over meeting apps than in person. These virtual meetings led to most getting a closer look at their appearance. Voila! There has been an immediate and noticeable increase in the sale of cosmetic products and hair extensions. 

According to a report, the hair extension industry will likely reach a whopping $3.43 billion by 2028.

Of the many varieties of extensions out there, clip in hair extensions is the most popular, as they are the DIY variety. They are preferred since they offer numerous benefits. These include: 

Add Volume And Length In A Jiffy

Most women tend to be unsatisfied with the way their hair looks, especially when dressed for an event. Say goodbye to those problems, as you can have a beautiful mane in a few minutes using clip in hair extensions. You can clip them on after you are dressed and make sure your hair looks just the way you want it. 


Going to a stylist is not always an option. You either do not have the time, patience, or budget. Here’s where clip-ins come in handy. There is no glue, heat, or other product required, and they can be clipped on with a little bit of pressure. They are easy to set, and once you have done them a couple of times, you can put them on in no time. 

No Tools Or Accessories Needed

The best part about these extensions is that you do not need special tools or glue. All you need is your regular comb. You need to untangle small sections of hair and clip in the extensions by applying a little pressure.

Don’t Need Your Commitment

Especially true for those first-timers. Like a relationship, you want to give extensions time, and these are the best as they don’t expect much from you. Even if you are a pro, you can experiment with different colors or styles without being stuck with one. Get a new look for every outing, and let your peers go green with envy!

Remove In Seconds

Usually, fixing hair accessories is easy; removing them can cause tugging and hair breakage. Find the waft, press it to close, and release. Snap them on and snap them off. It’s as simple as that.

A Lot Of Choices

Hair extensions are available in natural and synthetic hairs. Human hair is natural and blends in well with your hair. However, they can be more expensive as their supply is lower when compared to synthetic extensions. Unlike human hair extensions, synthetic extensions are made of fine plastic fibers, and while not natural, they blend in well. They are also cheaper and are a great option for first-timers who want to try out hair extensions before spending a substantial amount on them. 

Hair extensions are a part of life, and you do not need to be ashamed of them. Even if you don’t have that gorgeous, dense, shiny hair that you dream of, you can still achieve the look you want, thanks to hair extensions. 

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