7 Bedroom Organization Tips to Declutter for Good

Are you sick of walking into a messy and disorganized room? Check out these essential bedroom organization tips to keep your room permanently clean.

Many people store shoes in their bedrooms, but little do they know that 93% of them have fecal bacteria. In layman’s terms, the shoes in your bedroom have poop on them.

Do you still want to store them in your bedroom? Having a clean and organized bedroom is something that most of us desire. After a deep spring clean, we are determined to stick to our bedroom organization plan.

But either our bedroom organization ideas fall short, or we get lazy and return to being messy. So how can you declutter for good? Read on because we’ve got the answer.

It’s time to say goodbye to your messy bedroom once and for all. These top bedroom organization tips are easy to maintain.  

1. Hiding Shoes

We know the unpleasant reason why you shouldn’t store shoes in your bedroom. But, what if you have to? If there is no external communal space for shoes, make sure you wipe them clean as soon as your take them off.

Keeping your shoes in your closet with clothes can lead to contamination and nasty odors. Instead, consider investing in an ottoman.

It will hide your shoes from view and double up as additional bedroom seating. An under-bed shoe storage box will also suffice if an ottoman is out of your price range.

2. Vacuum Pack for Under-Bed Storage

Some people rotate their clothing and accessories depending on the season. Vacuum packing and storing seasonal clothes under your bed is the best solution.

Recent bed designs, such as loft beds, include storage cupboards and are fantastic for decluttering. Traditional beds have drawers underneath, or you can lift the mattress for storage.

Vacuuming packing will keep items safe from mildew and decrease their size. You should be able to fit a seasons’ worth of clothes under the bed. If you don’t have bed storage, you can make your own.

Find a freecycle chest of drawers, take the drawers out, and attach wheels to the bottom. Then, swap boring handles for vintage versions and roll the drawers under your bed. You can also use wooden boxes or wicker baskets with lids.

3. Put up Corner Shelves

People’s houses appear messy because they don’t know how to organize bedrooms with on-display shelving for their belongings. If you’re somebody that hoards things in a messy house, it’s time to utilize your wall space.

Standard shelving can make a room appear smaller. However, because corner shelves are in an unused dead space, they will become a unique feature. You can showcase collections or prized possessions on them.

4. Use a Bedside Pocket Organizer

If your untidy side table annoys you first thing in the morning, consider a  bedside pocket. These discreet felt pockets lie flat against your bed and are ideal for slotting in books, pens, glasses, iPads, and your mobile phone. 

 Bedside pocket organizers are ideal if you are unconsciously addicted to late-night phone scrolling. You’ll find that you spend less time on your screen if you store it out of sight.

5. Save Closet Space

Running out of room in the closet is a major problem in messy rooms. But there are bedroom organization ideas to double the amount of closet space. For example, purchase S hooks and utility chains from your local hardware store. 

Then, attach the S hook over the central rod in your closet and hang the utility chain to the underside. You can then have multiple coat hangers dangling from the chain. If you would rather have a plastic version, they are called 360-degree hangers.

6. Fold Clothes KonMari Style

Open up your chest of drawers, and if you have socks, pants, T-shirts, and ties running amock, it’s time to tackle them. Knowing how to organize your bedroom drawers is a challenge, but begin by considering how often you use each item.

Then, place the most frequently used items, usually underwear, in the top drawer. In the second drawer will be the next item you will need etc.  You may have to alter the order throughout the year. However, this allows you to declutter and organize clothes for donation or storage. 

The secret to decluttered drawers and organized clothes is the folding technique. Rather than laying items flat, the KonMari method is better for three reasons.

Namely, it’s easier to see what items you have, there are fewer creases, and they use less space. Here’s an example of how to fold a t-shirt in KonMari style.

  1. Lie the T-shirt out and fold the right side one-third to the center
  2. Fold the sleeve halfway back on itself
  3. Repeat on the left-hand side to form a rectangle shape.
  4. Fold down the neckline a few centimeters from the bottom hem. Now fold the top line down halfway two times and stand it up.

7. How to Organize Handbags

The final problem with bedroom organization is big and bulky items like handbags. There are two excellent choices for handbag storage; either hang or showcase them.

Avoid shoving them into another bag or wicker box because it may damage the exterior. You can use a specialist five-layer handbag holder if you have space in your closet. Otherwise, consider an overdoor hanging option or putting them on the showcasing corner shelves.

Easy to Continue Bedroom Organization

Organizing and decluttering your bedroom is a tiresome but rewarding chore. Unfortunately, bedroom organization is also one of the most challenging states to maintain.

However, these tips to organize your room are easy enough to continue day in and day out. So the end of your messy bedroom starts today.

For more home tips and organization ideas, check out the other blogs on our site and turn your home into a haven.

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