How to Find the Best HVAC Service near Me: A Guide

Are you wondering: What should I look for when choosing the best HVAC service near me? Keep reading and learn more here.

According to the Energy Information Administration, heating and cooling appliances consume over half the energy used in U.S. homes today. 

That means your heating and cooling system can add a huge amount to your energy bill if it isn’t at its best. So if your energy bills are increasing every month, you should get your HVAC checked by a reputable professional as soon as possible.  

With this in mind, you’re probably wondering, ‘How will I find the best HVAC service near me?’. It’s easy when you follow these simple steps. 

Ask for Recommendations

Inquire with family, friends, and colleagues about HVAC services they’ve used in the past. A good word from a trusted source will put you on track toward working with a reliable and reputable HVAC or AC service.

Google ‘HVAC Service Near Me’

An internet search can reveal a wealth of important information about HVAC services.

For starters, the search engine will bring up local contractors first. You can also check their contact page to see if they have a local address and make a note of their telephone number. 

You can review the services they offer and find out more about their experience and qualifications. 

Many contractors also feature reviews on their sites, which helps give you an idea of their customer service levels. You should also check independent websites, like the Better Business Bureau, to see what previous customers have to say. 

Check Licenses and Credentials

Armed with a shortlist of companies you can work with around your area, it’s time to dig a little deeper in your search for HVAC services.

Call them up and inquire about whether they’re licensed, insured, and bonded. Most states have licensing requirements for all contractors. 

They should carry third-party insurance and surety bond insurance to protect you from incidents on your property, as well as incomplete work.

It’s important to work with a company that hires qualified workers to attend to your heating and cooling needs.

NATE certification is the most common and highly-acclaimed qualification for HVAC professionals. HVAC Quality Installation (QI) certification is also great, and technicians who work with air conditioning refrigerants must hold an Environmental Protection Agency’s 608 Certificate.

Choose an Experienced Contractor

Licenses and credentials are vital, but it’s time on the ground that separates the best HVAC service from the competition. An experienced contractor has seen it all when it comes to heating and cooling complications.

They can more easily tell if your air conditioner needs repairs or replacement, and act fast to prevent a minor problem from becoming a big issue. 

Ask for Quotes and Compare Them

You should always get at least three quotes before singling out a contractor to work with. Don’t accept a quotation from someone who hasn’t been to your home to view your HVAC first. 

Remember, quotes aren’t all about money. A more expensive one may involve a few extras. These include better quality equipment, longer warranties, or ongoing maintenance. 

Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples when viewing quotes, and don’t simply opt for the cheapest one. 

Keep Your Cool This Summer

If you stick to these guidelines, it won’t be long before you find an answer to your question, ‘Which is the best HVAC service near me?’

Doing your homework thoroughly at the start means you could enjoy years of exceptional service from your HVAC company.

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