6 Key Warning Signs You May Have a Window Leak

Early signs of a leaking window can be subtle which is why it's important to know them. Here are 6 key warning signs you may have a window leak.

Is my window leaking? If you have older windows that are nearing the end of their lifespan, you might have wondered this once or twice.

Although a window leak can seem trivial, it can have a major impact on your home. When your window leaks, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool your home. You are also susceptible to pests getting inside of your home, and your safety is impacted.

However, you might be wondering how to determine if you have a leak at all. While some signs are obvious, many are not.

Fortunately, by learning the signs of a window leak, you can catch a small problem before it becomes a major issue. If you do find a leak, I would recommend getting a window professional to fix the window as soon as possible. Though bear in mind some windows may still require replacement, and you may wish to use a company similar to the Renewal by Andersen window replacement company for that. Either way, this short and simple guide to spotting leaks has been written just for you.

1. Cloudy Windows

One common sign of window leaks is a cloudy window. This happens when the window seal has failed, and condensation is building up between the panes. If you notice your windows are cloudy, you likely leak.

2. Rotten Wood Outside of the Window

A clear sign of a window leaking is rotten wood on the window’s exterior. This happens when water is getting in and causing the wood to rot. Look for signs of rotting wood to determine if you have a leak.

3. Stains and Discoloration

One of the many signs of a window leak is stains and discoloration. This can appear as fading, yellow spots, or brown spots around your window. These stains and discolorations are a sign of water damage from the leak.

4. Sagging Drywall

If you are wondering about window leak signs, one sign is sagging drywall. This is a sign that water has leaked into your home and is damaging the drywall around the window. If your drywall is showing signs of water damage, seek help right away.

5. Black Fuzz

Do you see black fuzz around your window? Then you might have a leak. Black fuzz is a sign of mold, a dangerous growth to have inside or around your home. If you see mold, contact a mold specialist and a window and glass contractor immediately.

6. Drafts

One of the common signs of a window leak is drafts of air coming into your home when your window is closed. This happens when the seal is broken or there are holes or other openings around your window. If you are feeling drafts when your windows are closed, you likely need to repair or replace them.

These Are the Warning Signs of a Window Leak

There are several warning signs that you have a window leak.

You might notice your windows are cloudy or there is rotten wood outside of your window. You might also notice stains and discoloration, sagging drywall, or black fuzz. If you notice drafts when your windows are closed, you likely have a leak.

If you notice any of these signs, contact a window contractor right away.

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