5 Stylish Exterior Home Remodel Ideas for 2021

Do you want to give the outside of your home a complete makeover? Then read on and check out these exterior home remodel ideas.

Did you know that the most popular home improvement projects are exterior replacements? They account for 20.3% of all improvements!

Perhaps it’s about time you renovate your home’s exterior. But you have no idea where to even start!

If you need some exterior home remodel ideas, then you’re in luck. We’re here to provide you with 5!

1. Add Windows

A trend for 2021 is adding extra windows! Not only can they make your house look more modern, but they can also bump up the natural light you get inside.

In turn, this can aid in interior decorating since you can utilize that natural light and cut down on harsh artificial lighting.

2. Use White Paint

This might seem like a very simple tip, but you’d be surprised at what wonders white paint can work on your home’s exterior!

If you’re looking for a big change, then a coat of white paint can definitely do that. You can even add some accents to make the outside of your house pop even more.

3. Replace Your Garage Doors

Chances are, you’ve had the same boring old garage doors for forever. So while you’re going through a home remodel, take the chance to upgrade them so they enhance your home’s new look!

A big trend this year is to have stark contrasting colors. So if you’ve taken our above advice and painted your house white, then we’d suggest going with dark brown, royal blue, or even black garage doors for a stunning look.

4. Build a Pergola

This is a bigger undertaking, but if you have the space for it, it’ll be so worth it! This is especially true if you don’t have a large porch but want to utilize your outdoor space.

During the hot summer days, you’ll be able to sit outside without breaking too much of a sweat, thanks to your new pergola. And in the fall and wintertime, you can sit cozily without getting wet from the pouring rain.

5. Build a Front Porch

Speaking of porches, if you don’t already have one, you should also build a front porch, in addition to a pergola.

Again, this will help you take advantage of all the outdoor space you have. You can then decorate it with some matching outdoor furniture that’ll certainly give your home curb appeal!

If you need some tips for exterior home remodeling once you’ve chosen an idea, then learn more here.

Use These Exterior Home Remodel Ideas for Inspiration

We’ve now provided you with some easy and simple exterior home remodel ideas. You can either take these and run with them, or you can dream up ways to add your own flair to them.

Either way, you’ve now got a great starting point when it comes to home remodeling. The next step is to contact a professional so you can have your dreams turned into a reality!

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