4 Signs You Need to Replace Your Shower Spout

Your shower spout is what helps you stay squeaky clean, but what if it's dirty or broken? Learn the signs it's time for a replacement here.

The average lifespan of most fixtures in your home is 10 to 25 years, sometimes even more in some cases. However, sometimes the signs of wear and tear slip by, eventually causing you to suffer an expensive repair.

That’s why we’re bringing our guide to replacing a shower spout today. The signs and consequences of not doing so can be costly, and now you’ll never have any more excuses for procrastinating!

Sounds good? Then buckle down; things are about to get interesting!

1. Constant Dripping

If your shower spout is constantly dripping, it’s likely time to replace it. Letting the issue persist could damage not just your plumbing but also the structure of your bathroom.

While the dripping might seem like no big deal, it leads to increased water bills due to unnecessary usage and can increase the likelihood of future plumbing issues if left unaddressed.

The dripping could be from a loose connection, or the parts have worn out over time. If the dripping is steady, replacing the bathroom spout is reasonable. 

2. Strange Noises

You rely on the shower spout in your bathroom to provide a comfortable and relaxing shower experience. However, when you hear strange noises from the tap, it’s a surefire sign that you must replace it.

You could hear an unusual whistling, hissing, bubbling, or rattling noise. These are all indicators that the water pressure is higher than usual, and your shower spout may be worn out and need replacement.

3. Hot Water Isn’t Lasting as Long as Before

If you notice that your hot water isn’t lasting as long as it used to while taking your shower, it is a sign that you may need to replace your shower spout. This could be due to a defective or worn-out tap, and fixing it will ensure you don’t waste water and incur a significant repair bill.

If the water heater is the issue, you may need to replace it. Check out these tips for replacing water heaters the right way.

4. Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew can be a real nuisance in your bathroom spout. The most obvious signs you need to replace your shower spout are visible mold or mildew growth. This can appear as a black or green fuzzy material around or on your tap.

Replacing the spout is the best solution if you don’t want to deal with a persistent mold or mildew problem. Make sure to clean it before installation, and use specially-formulated products to prevent mold or mildew growth down the line.

It’s Time To Replace Your Shower Spout

Replacing your shower spout can help you save money and keep your shower in good condition. If your shower spout is stopped up, leaking, damaged, or otherwise malfunctioning, it is essential to replace it immediately.

Contact a certified plumber to ensure the replacement of your shower valve is done correctly and securely.

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