5 Questions to Ask Your Potential Pool Contractor

Are you looking for the right person to install a pool in your home? Click here for five important questions to ask your potential pool contractor.

Choosing to build a swimming pool is an enticing project. But completing the job requires hiring the right contractor.

While you might be able to complete some aspects of building a pool, you should leave the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work to the pros. Otherwise, you risk endangering yourself and your family.

But finding the right pool builder isn’t easy. Plenty of shady operations are out there looking to take your money and run. How can you protect yourself against scam artists? By asking the right questions of your potential pool contractor.

Ready to find the best contractor for your pool project? Here’s what to ask before signing the contract.

1. How Experienced is the Contractor?

This is important because experience is critical in installing a pool and its systems. An experienced pool contractor will be able to advise on the best type of pool for your backyard, the best choice of materials for the shell and lining, the most accurate measurements for each component, the most efficient layout, and how to get the right aim for the jets and lights.

2. What is the Cost of the Pool Construction?

Ask what the total figure for the entire project will be, and inquire about any potential additional costs that may arise during building. Include estimates for any extras such as excavation, plumbing, landscaping, and other additional costs such as permit fees, taxes, and possible site repairs.

If the contractor offers to finance, ask how much interest will be added to the total cost. Contact this pool builder to ask about the return and refund policies and investigate whether you have a grace period in which you can cancel the agreement and be issued a full or partial refund.

3. What Type of Construction Services Does the Contractor Provide?

Understand what specific pool construction services they can offer and what types of pools they specialize in. Ask if they can provide a detailed breakdown of the pool building services and the components that are part of the package. Find out if they provide additional features such as deck surfaces and tiling and custom pool features with landscaping elements.  

4. What Safety Measures Does the Contractor Implement?

Make sure to consult the contractor about their measures for securing the perimeter of your property and preventing any potential hazards during construction. Additionally, inquire how they prevent potential contamination of the area by pets, debris, or other potential dangers.

If you have children, ask the contractor if they have specific safety protocols to secure the pool area.

5. What Certifications Does the Contractor Hold?

When interviewing a potential pool builder, it’s important to ask what certifications they hold. This includes certification from the National Swimming Pool Foundation or a manufacturer’s certification. Ask for proof of any certifications the contractor claims to have, as this ensures that the contractor is properly qualified to handle the job.

It’s key to ask how long the contractor has been affiliated with the certifying organization or manufacturer. Having a longstanding relationship with a certifying organization can be a sign of a contractor’s expertise.

Hire the Best Pool Contractor Today

Asking questions can be the key to finding a trustworthy and reliable pool contractor. Make sure you take enough time and ask as many relevant questions as possible to ensure that you are making the best choice for your home. Don’t wait – if you’re looking for a pool builder, start asking questions today!

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