How to Expand & Grow Your Gardening Company

How to Expand & Grow Your Gardening Company

Whether you have been running your own gardening business for some time and are fortunate enough to have many repeat customers to your company throughout the year or else are only just starting out, growth and expansion are the fundamental key components to increasing your profit margin and ensuring your business’s longterm success. With this in mind, continue reading to learn how to expand and grow your gardening company.

Start Writing an Online Blog

Undeniably, the internet, both in the context of your social media pages and your company’s official website, is an incredibly powerful tool in the promotion of your business, and as such, hiring a social media marketing manager or else learning about SEO yourself is strongly advisable.

Creating a blog is also a fantastic, not to mention highly enjoyable, way of gaining valuable visibility online, and what is more, you can cleverly include promotions for your company and products within each article.

Invest in High-Quality Tools & Equipment

Another important thing to remember if you are serious about focusing your time, attention, and also a small amount of capital on gaining new customers, is to ensure the tools and equipment you purchase or, indeed, hire are of top quality.

Check out a prestigious landscape supply company either online or by phone, and you will be amazed at not only the sheer volume of equipment they stock but also how much they may be able to help you in choosing the right tools to invest in.

Just a selection of the most essential tools you need to invest in in order to provide a comprehensive gardening service include rakes, transplant spades, a lawnmower, lawn shears, and a quality pair of pruners.

Consider Google Ads

There is a plethora of internet services and websites that aim to make their clients more visible online, with one of the most prominent being Google Ads.

Google Ads uses a myriad of techniques relating to search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your company appears onscreen when potential new customers are searching for a gardening service.

Alternatively, if you decide to take on the large task of promoting your website online yourself, the following key phrases will help to target your gardening and landscaping advertisements:

  • ‘Landscaping design’
  • ‘Lawn care near me’
  • ‘Landscaper’
  • ‘Landscape Gardener’
  • “Landscaping near me’
  • ‘Landscaping’
  • ‘Garden design’
  • ‘Landscaping services near me’

Construct a Simple Referral Programme

Customers, and more specifically, repeat customers, are obviously at the heart of your landscape and gardening business, and with such companies, word-of-mouth referrals are incredibly important.

Existing customers who either sporadically contact you for a specific job in their garden or even one-time customers can be incentivized to recommend you and your landscaping company to their family and friends by offering future discounts and bulk deals.

Utilizing your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels to promote your new referral program will help entice new customers to your business. Pairing such promotional material with real-time customer reviews will help authenticate your services.

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