5 Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate in 2021—Ranked!

So you've finally got the money, but where to put it? Read on to discover the best cities to invest in real estate in 2021 here.

Are you looking to invest in real estate? Are you curious about the fastest-growing real estate markets?

The U.S. Census shows that 74% of rental properties in the United States are owned by investors, so you better snap up some property before there’s none left.

But, where should you start looking for properties to invest in? Read on for the best cities to invest in real estate in 2021.

1. Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is a city with high population growth and a large percentage of renters, making it a top place to invest in real estate. The cost of living is below average, too, so sooner than later your rental property will be in demand.

Check out this investment group for all your Memphis real estate needs.

2. Las Vegas, Nevada

You won’t be gambling if you invest in real estate in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a huge hub for tourism and other major industries, so there’s no shortage of employment for potential renters.

Average home prices are just over $300,000. Property values are going up in Las Vegas too, so make sure you get in while the getting’s good.

3. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

If you’re looking to invest in a city with hot real estate markets, you definitely need to check out the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dallas itself has a population of over one million people. More people move here every year, making it a hotbed for real estate investment.

The median home prices are rising, too. You’ll want to invest in property now so that you’ll be able to sell it off for a pretty penny in the future.

4. Charlotte, North Carolina

North Carolina is a booming state right now, and Charlotte is one of the largest hubs. The population is growing, and the average house price in Charlotte is approximately $287,000, making it one of the fastest-appreciating real estate markets in the US.

In fact, Charlotte is estimated to be one of the biggest growth markets in the country this year, and it also a major financial center.  The major league sports teams in the area don’t hurt your investment prospects, either!

5. Sacramento, California

While Sacramento doesn’t have the lowest real estate prices, it’s got one of the highest potential returns out there. California is one of the most expensive states, but Sacramento is one of the few affordable spots out there.

The average home price in Sacramento is approximately $400,000. And, because of population growth in the area, more and more people are looking to rent homes in Sacramento every year.

So why don’t you get in on the ground floor? All of these factors make Sacramento one of the best places to invest in real estate in the United States.

Best Cities to Invest in Real Estate 2021: Now You Know

Now that you’re aware of the best cities to invest in real estate 2021, what are you waiting for? Put your money down and start buying up property today!

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