Who Regulates Medical Waste Disposal?

Who Regulates Medical Waste Disposal?

Medical waste is contagious and harmful to the health of unsuspecting individuals. This is why there are legal guidelines that state how to handle medical waste disposal. Unfortunately, only a handful of healthcare providers are aware of the rules and regulations. And for those with a perfect understanding of the legal guidelines, it is expedient that they stay updated with any changes whatsoever. Failure to abide by the new changes will result in a penalty. This is why many health care providers consider hiring medical waste disposal services in Santa Clarita

Failing to comply with the legal guidelines that regulate medical waste disposal can be detrimental to the reputation of an organization. There are agencies assigned to regulate this sector both on federal and state levels. So which organization regulated medical waste disposal 

Federal Level

Improper handling of medical waste can negatively impact the health of people within the environment, not to mention the damage to your reputation. In order to cushion the health threats, federal agencies have laid down rules and regulations that must be followed. 

Agencies on the federal level that regulates medical waste disposal include

The U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Many healthcare providers are notorious for mishandling medical waste – that’s why the EPA gets itself involved in regulating this sector. The healthcare industry produces a considerable amount of medical waste daily. Such waste materials are for the most part highly infectious and toxic. Moreover, the waste products come in various forms and fashion including gas, liquid, and solid. And it is the responsibility of EPA to ensure that the disposal of all forms of waste is properly regulated to keep the health of employees, the public, and the environment safe and protected. 

These laws are oftentimes associated with the final stage of the disposal. There are certain waste materials that are exempted from being disposed of into a landfill, while others must be treated before disposal. 

The U.S Department of Transportation (DOT)

This DOT specializes in regulating the transport sector. This includes regulating the transportation of medical waste with a high degree of health risk to the general public. There are specific guidelines as to the choice of vehicle, packaging type, and transportation. The shipper will be solely responsible to ensure that medical waste products are packaged appropriately for ease of transportation. This is why you’re recommended to hire medical waste disposal services Santa Clarita. 

State Level

Despite the federal laws regulating this industry, each state in the U.S regulates medical waste disposal the best way possible. They’ve set up departments and agencies to complement the efforts of federal agencies. 

With so many medical waste regulations to comply with, it is easier for healthcare providers to make costly mistakes. It is therefore expedient that you understand both federal and state regulations when it comes to packaging and transporting medical waste. That’s why many medical waste generators outsource medical waste disposal services to Santa Clarita. These professionals have what it takes to dispose of medical waste without making a mistake in the disposal process. 

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