What to Consider When Purchasing a Hurricane-Proof Window

What to Consider When Purchasing a Hurricane-Proof Window

There are many things to consider when purchasing a hurricane-proof window. They include size, material, and opening materials. Hurricane windows are an excellent choice for homeowners in areas prone to storms. They provide superior protection, as well as safety and noise reduction.

Energy Efficiency

Buying hurricane-proof windows offer homeowners in Florida a great way to protect their homes from the elements. It also saves them much money in the long run, lowering their property insurance costs. Hurricane windows are rated for wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour, about the same level as a Category 5 storm. They can be purchased in various styles and sizes, but their most important feature is their impact-resistant glass. In addition to protecting your home from wind, a hurricane proof window is incredibly energy efficient. The specialized glass and coatings they feature help reflect heat away from your home while allowing the natural light inside to flow freely. The best hurricane-proof windows are ENERGY STAR certified. The Energy Star certification is a government program that recognizes products that meet strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Impact Resistant Glass

The glass that you choose for your windows should be impact resistant. This means it won’t break into shards that can cause injury or damage your home. Some impact testing standards involve using ball bearings or a 2″x4″ board to test the window’s ability to survive various impacts. The testing is designed to replicate the winds encountered during a hurricane. These tests also ensure that the window’s frame will not break due to the impact. Generally, the edges are made of wood or other material, but they are reinforced inside to help them stay intact.

Impact Resistant Frames

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your home during a hurricane, you must choose impact-resistant frames that will stand up to the strongest storm winds. This means selecting frames made from heavy-duty materials like aluminum, vinyl, and pultruded fiberglass. If your frame isn’t sturdy, the glass can break, leaving a hole for wind and debris to enter your home. This can lead to severe damage. If you want to know more about impact windows or need to upgrade, contact your local building professional for more information. They can tell you whether or not your current windows meet current standards and provide tailored recommendations for your needs. They can also answer any questions about energy efficiency and other features you can add to achieve ENERGY STAR ratings.


When purchasing a hurricane-proof window, you will want to look for a warranty that will give you peace of mind. The warranty should be a written promise from the company you purchase it from that they will stand behind their products. The warranty should also transfer to you if you decide to sell your home at some point in the future. This is an essential consideration as it can add value to your home at the time of sale. Often, windows have a small insignia or label etched into one of the corners of their panes. This permanent mark helps to identify the type of glass, the manufacturer, and where it was made. High air pressure can make your windows vulnerable to breaking during storms. This is why hurricane-proof windows are essential to protect your home from various wind and debris threats.

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