What Does a Building Inspector Do?

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There are over 5,000 building inspectors in Australia, and the number has kept rising since the early 2000s.

No matter what kind of building you have, new or used, an inspection can yield results. A building inspector can find problems that others would miss. Commercial buildings are susceptible to all manner of issues that an inspection can help reveal before it’s too late.

Hiring the services of expert inspectors such as REAC Experts, who specialize in comprehensive building inspections covering everything from structural integrity to fire safety, can be a game-changer for ensuring the well-being of your commercial property.

What does a building inspection mean, and what do inspectors do when they check a building?

Building Inspections

There are a wide array of different inspections and building inspectors. A building inspection can take many forms depending on what type of inspector you hire. Some check for building code violations, and others fire safety to help with protecting people.

No matter what type of inspection you’re looking for, you can find an inspector that is ready to help. Having a pair of fresh eyes look over the building is a great way to see what’s gone wrong. They will catch things you may walk past every day.

Architectural Inspector

An architectural inspection involves checking over the building’s structure. This happens so that renovations can be planned. These inspectors will help maintain quality control and can provide cost analysis.

They will be able to help you figure out how much your next renovation project might cost.

Architectural inspectors can also help with the planning of a renovation or demolition. This knowledge makes them an invaluable resource for anyone who owns a building.

Fire and Safety

Fire hazards can exist because of wiring problems, improper building procedures, and even simple things like incorrect door closers on those fire exits. You will always want to be vigilant in quality and up-to-date, like what can be found at https://doorcontrolsdirect.co.uk/. A fire inspector is an integral part of having a safe building.

Depending on the industry you’re in, hiring a fire inspector to check your building can save a lot of money. If an official fire inspector comes through, they can fine you for issues they discover. Having your own conduct a walkthrough allows you to fix the problems before they get noticed.

Structural Inspection

Buildings undergo a lot of stress as they age from the environment, climate, and human activity. Even a building that has no problems can develop them over time. A building inspector is here to catch these problems before the building becomes dangerous for occupants.

Structural inspections often focus on the core parts of a building. A proper inspection can cover trusses, girders, and the foundation of the building. They can check to make sure no fatigue is setting into high traffic areas, so you don’t suffer any structural failures.

Mechanical Inspection

A mechanical inspection focuses on the internal workings of the building. This involves checking the heating and cooling systems. They also check ventilation ductwork and other associated components.

Mechanical inspections can also come with a variety of specialties, depending on what you need.

For instance, a special mechanical inspector may be able to inspect your lift system. Elevators require regular maintenance and inspection to continue to be safe. They may also be able to check other mechanical components of the building.

Construction Inspector

A construction inspector is one who visits the building during construction. If you’re having a new building built, a construction inspector is critical. They ensure that each area of completed plans is up to code and follows all regulations required.

An inspector who deals with construction doesn’t take one trip through the building. They come and go during the construction process. They will work with the construction team to make sure everyone is educated on what they need to do to be compliant.

Plumbing Inspectors

Plumbing inspectors are relied upon to find and determine problems before they become serious issues. They check water lines, condensation traps, and hot water heaters. They make sure bathrooms are functioning, and there are no looming issues with waste management.

Plumbing inspectors can also determine the cost or difficulty of remodeling. They can tell you where it would be best to put a new bathroom by looking at how the drain and water lines run through the building.

Pest Inspectors

No matter where you live, insects and other pests can be a real problem for a building. Whether it’s mice that chew at the wires inside the walls or termites that destroy the wood. No one wants to work or be in a building where there are out-of-control infestations.

Pest control is essential to a healthy environment as well. Pests and insects can bring in disease and even pollute the air quality if they get in the wrong place. You may not even know they’re present, which is why having a professional pest inspector is so important.

If you’re looking for a pest inspection, check out abis.com.au for your inspection needs. The longer a pest infestation goes on, the harder it is to get removed. It also becomes a more serious issue depending on what type of pest is infesting your building. Get your inspection done as soon as possible.

Unsafe Buildings

No matter what kind of inspector you hire or need, their goal is the same. They prevent buildings from becoming unsafe for people to work or live in. This is a heavy responsibility, but because of modern inspection procedures and training, we have far fewer accidents than in the past.

Don’t risk being liable for damage or injury that could occur. Get your building inspected on a regular basis and ensure compliance with what the inspectors recommend. This will help you avoid liability and keep the people in your building healthy and happy.

Building Inspectors

Modern buildings have incredible safety records because they conform to building codes. These codes have been developed over decades of study and understanding. Let a building inspector help you keep your building and people safe and pest free.

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