5 Reasons Why Vinyl Pools Are the Best Option for Your Backyard

5 Reasons Why Vinyl Pools Are the Best Option for Your Backyard

When transforming your backyard into a relaxing retreat, the pool material you choose is one of the most important considerations.

Unlike Gunite or Concrete pools, a vinyl poolcan be ready to swim in as little as six to eight weeks.

However, the sensitive liner is vulnerable to sharp objects, tearing from dogs, and debris like rocks. This can cause premature wear and tear.


In addition to being durable, vinyl pools offer more flexibility than concrete or fiberglass. They can be shaped into almost any style or configuration. This gives you various design options for your backyard pool and can make the collection feel more like an extension of your home than a standalone feature in your yard.

Unlike traditional gunite and concrete pools that take weeks to install, vinyl liner pools can be ready to swim in a few days. It is essential to have these pools fitted by professional swimming pool contractors to ensure that the finished product is of a high standard so that there are no future issues. You should discuss with your contractor prior to the pool being built: the shape, size and even how to build the pool into your landscaping to make it personalised to you! 

While vinyl liners must be replaced every 5-9 years, this is much less expensive than pouring new concrete or replacing a fiberglass pool. Without breaking the bank, you’ll enjoy your beautiful, custom pool for decades.


With modern vinyl pools, homeowners can enjoy a variety of shapes and sizes to fit their backyard spaces. They also can choose from many different patterns and colors. They can even add a textured surface to their pool that mimics gunite, gives the feel of crushed stone, or has recessed “grout lines” like in tiled pools.

Because of their nonporous surface, vinyl-lined pools are less likely to experience algae growth than other types of pools. However, it’s still important to regularly brush the walls and floor and balance the water chemistry to ensure the pool stays clean and safe for swimming.

Another benefit of a vinyl pools Columbus, OH is its upgradeability. If you ever decide to enlarge your collection or change its design, they will work with you to create a plan that integrates the new features seamlessly into your comprehensive backyard design. This way, you can continue to enjoy your investment and increase the value of your home when it comes time to sell.


Vinyl pools are budget-friendly, allowing pool owners to stretch their renovation dollars further with luxuries like outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and more. The flexible design options paired with a wide range of color profile choices can help prospective and current pool owners achieve an eye-popping backyard dream pool that meets their tastes and complements the outdoor space.

The ability to choose from various liner colors and patterns is a significant advantage that vinyl pools provide over fiberglass pools. Additionally, the vinyl liners can be replaced to suit your taste and update the look of your collection at any time without an expensive process.

The coping of vinyl pools is also customizable and can be set up with a smooth finish or a textured rock finish that helps give your pool personality and character. In addition, the piping and plumbing of vinyl pools can be upgraded to meet any new needs you may have as your preferences change or your pool ages.


Compared to concrete and fiberglass pools, vinyl liners are more affordable in terms of initial costs. However, their lifetime costs are a little higher. This is because the pool lining needs to be replaced approximately every 5-7 years, plus the cost of draining and refilling the pool.

The liner also requires regular cleaning to stay pristine, just like all pool types. Keeping water chemistry in check will prevent the vinyl from becoming damaged by acidic water or chemicals too strong.

Additionally, unlike fiberglass pools, vinyl liners have a soft, slick surface that’s easy for people to slip on. This could lead to costly damages that require a new liner or repairs. This may impact the resale value of your home if you decide to sell it in the future. This is why pool builders provides a 15-year surface warranty and a one-time limited lifetime structural warranty on our fiberglass pools.

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