What Are Vape Mods?

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There are almost countless types of vape devices! You’ve got pen decides and pod devices and devices that fit in your closed fist and other vapes that you can hold between two fingers. 

Then you’ve got devices that you can customize! This is where vape mods come in. They do exactly what they say they do in effect, they modify your vaping experience. 

Keep reading to find out what type of vape mods your vaping experience needs! 

All About Vapes

Originally known as e-cigarettes, vape pens resembled regular cigarettes in appearance and function and delivered a nicotine hit without any odor or significant vapor generation. Due to their delectable flavors, portability, and ability to still provide users with their nicotine fix, vape pens have grown in popularity as technology has progressed.

The best part about vape pens is that they can easily fit in a pocket or handbag where they will always be there and ready for usage. To use a vape pen, a small tank is typically pre-loaded with e-liquid, which is a mixture of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and added flavoring, or filled by the user.

All About Vape Mods! 

Vape mods typically feature a larger size, more power, and the ability to produce more vapor than vape pens. Box mods that use greater temps, like 200 watts, typically require two batteries, whereas vape mods typically include an additional rechargeable battery.

A separate tank that goes on top of the mod is required to utilize a vape mod, and they frequently employ a universal 510 thread connector so that the tank may be changed. It’s ideal if you want to use a tank made by a different brand and have a lot of customization. Vape mods use the same e-liquid as vape pens, but due to their greater ability to produce larger clouds of vapor, the flavor is improved, and the throat hit is decreased.

Your local vape shop linked here can be helpful when piecing together your vape mod. 

Vape Mod Characteristics

There are three parts to your vape mod: the battery, the tank, and the coil. Each of these is pieced together to create the perfect vape mod for you. 

Your e-juice is kept in your tank. For a positive vaping experience, it should be well-maintained and cleaned frequently.

A stronger vape will result from the battery’s direct effect on the atomizer’s performance. Since most mod batteries are separate and detachable, you can really explore and change things up.

Your vape kit’s coil is its beating heart. It performs the crucial task of vaporizing your e-juice and providing you with the desired hit, flavor, and pleasure. Others may want to discover dependable and consistent coils, while some modders will want to construct their own coils and customize them to their exact specifications.

The Most Awesome Vaping Experience 

In comparison to vape pens, vape mods are much heavier and bulkier. Although they are much bigger, certain vape mods can fit in your pocket or purse.

Ensure that you pick a device that really suits you and your lifestyle. That’s the best thing about vape mods, the customization you can do to suit your personality. 

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