What are the Main Effects of IV Infusion on Your Body?

What are the Main Effects of IV Infusion on Your Body?

IV or intravenous therapy is a method of inserting fluid vitamins, nutrients, or medications directly into the bloodstream. Oral supplements get broken down by the digestive system, meaning much of what is consumed is lost in the process.  It also takes much longer for the body to feel the effects.  IV therapy allows 90% or more of vitamins, minerals, or medications to be absorbed by the body, which begin working almost immediately.

How to book IV therapy?

IV therapy is most recognized as a hospital treatment. But many companies offer alternatives like medical spas, IV bars, or in-home IV therapy,. Patients can search for an IV service in their locality and mention ailments or concerns such as headache, hangover, or energy boost. An experienced professional will do an evaluation and explain the various packages of IV drip the concierge companies have to offer.

Many companies personalize the IV drips with the right minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to suit specific customer needs. Drip Hydration IV therapies are well-known for their beauty packages and NAD+ treatment. Seattle Mobile IV, Concierge MD LA, and Immanence Health Seattle are three other companies providing Seattle IV therapies. Book an appointment for an in-house service or therapy center visit to receive IV therapy.

Immediate energy boost

IV infusions help refuel and rehydrate the body, making us feel energetic and rejuvenated. IV therapy inserts the energy directly into our bloodstream eliminating the digestion and food breakdown process. All the essential coenzymes, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids enter the blood directly, reaching every cell in our body. Total body rejuvenation is possible within a few hours, while typical oral treatments take days or even months to offer the same benefit.

Beauty benefits

Our body cells and blood vessels start deteriorating with age, causing various health problems and causing signs of aging. IV infusions help rejuvenate cells, boost collagen, and release antioxidants, helping skin retain a youthful look. Some drips contain coenzymes like NAD, which deteriorates with age naturally. Other formulas contain Biotin, which helps support healthy skin, hair, and nails.  Regular IV infusion helps skin stay hydrated and fueled with the nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy glow.

Improved immunity

The human body has T-cells directly responsible for our immunity and fighting off mild infections. IV infusions for immunity boost contain loads of antioxidants, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin C. These vitamins flush out the toxins from cells and help the organs to function properly. The B-complex vitamins and antioxidants help increase metabolism. IV therapy helps the digestive process, enabling toxins to be flushed more efficiently.

All IV infusions hydrate the body better, helping to maintain body temperature. Extra immunity and proper hydration help the body heal quickly when there is an injury or when recovering from illness. A person’s brain function improves with extra energy, regulated hormones, and high immunity.

Duration and side-effects

Usually, IV drip sessions last 30 to 45 minutes, with patients seeing effects within an hour or two. Beauty IV therapies work wonders for the skin when taken regularly. Effects of energy-boosting IV infusions begin within three hours of treatment, and will last for a couple of weeks.

Athletic regenerative therapies start working in three to four hours, driving away fatigue and muscle pains. They last for three to five days during intense training, and up to two weeks during normal workout periods. Cold, flu, and other infection-fighting IV drips begin relieving symptoms within three hours, and help you recover faster from illness. Hangover and migraine IV formulas usually provide immediate pain relief to patients once treatment is complete.

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