5 Rustic Decor Ideas You Need to Know About

Have you decided to embrace a rustic look for your home? Then let us help you get started with these 5 amazing rustic decor ideas!

The global online home decor market is projected to reach $83.32 billion by 2024, which shows how important it is to add personal touches to your home. After all, this is your safe haven, so you don’t want it to appear drab and boring.

One popular style is rustic and farmhouse decor, as it brings a touch of the countryside into urban spaces. If you’re now interested in creating a rustic home, then it’s important to pick the right decorations. Otherwise, it can look tacky and poorly put together.

Below, we’ll give you 5 rustic decor ideas to upgrade the look of your home!

1. Chalkboard

A chalkboard will take you back to one-room schoolhouses, which are certainly rustic. And with a big enough chalkboard, you can cover a lot of empty space on a wall.

A chalkboard is also useful since you can write your family schedule down, as well as erase and update it as time goes on!

2. Reclaimed Wood Frames

Nail up a few reclaimed wood frames on your wall and you can hang family photos from them. Keep the wood pieces short so you can arrange several in an interesting pattern.

To hang photos, simply attach twine or ribbon to the frames, then hang them on the wood frames’ pegs. Make sure to select picture frames that fit the rustic look; distressed wood works best here.

3. Metal Shutters

Who says shutters are for windows only? Pick out a few light metal shutters and nail them to your walls for a quick and easy rustic look. You can also hang some plant baskets or wreathes off these shutters to draw people’s eyes to them. 

For a nice overall look, consider hanging 2 of the same metal shutters and placing either a large picture or inspirational sign in between.

4. Pallet Mirror

Mirrors are a fantastic way to not only draw more light into a room, but to also make it appear larger. But instead of mounting it directly onto the wall, nail a small pallet on first.

This pallet can add dimension, color, and texture to the wall. And after you mount the mirror onto the pallet, you can add a few other small items to fill out the space, such as wood cutouts.

5. Birdhouse

Don’t forget about the outside when you’re decorating with rustic items!

Tacking on a birdhouse or two outside will help bring the rustic look outdoors and tie it into your indoor decor. If you get this license plate birdhouse, it’ll add an interesting and cute look, especially if you pair it with some cheerful flowers around it.

Spruce Things up With Rustic Decor

When done right, rustic decor can make your home look interesting, without it appearing contrived. By adding these rustic decorations we’ve suggested, you can get a little slice of farm life without having to invest in an actual farm!

If you need more ideas for home design, then make sure you read our other blog posts!

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