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Whether it’s a girlfriend, a sister, a best friend or a mother, getting presents can be a real challenge. It’s not that it’s hard to just go to a gift shop and pick up the first attractive thing you see, but the real challenge is to make sure the present you get is personal and thoughtful – you don’t want to come off as careless, especially when you do care if you’re reading this blog. 

The trick is to express the meaningful aspects of your relationship in your presents. Good thing is that it’s not the price tag on the present that determines how thoughtful and meaningful it is, and while you might not have a lot of money on your hands, your options are in no way limited. 

From budget-friendly flower delivery to homemade meals and handmade items, there’s no shortage of things you can make or cheap stores you can buy presents from, so keep reading if you want to find out more about all this. 

Handmade Jewelry 

Who says you can’t make some jewelry for the special women in your life? If you’re creative about it, all you’ll need are some beads, some copper wire, and a hot glue gun. On the other hand, you can even weave choker necklaces and bracelets from colorful string in different patterns. 

There are countless online tutorials to help guide you, and even more blogs full of art inspiration and ideas for you to use.


A lot of times, the real confusion comes when you’re shopping for a woman who seems to have everything she needs already – what can you possibly get her then? Well, the thing is that you don’t always have to give her presents that she will find useful – sometimes it’s all about making her smile and to see her happy when she gets the present. 

It’s not about what it is, but that it came from you and that you cared enough to get it for her. That said, a nice bouquet of flowers and some of her favorite chocolates can always do the trick, even if she already seems to have snacks – no one will ever hate getting more candy! 

A Streaming Service Subscription 

Not everyone has a subscription to a streaming service, but they should! Which one they want depends on the kind of content they like. For example, the obvious choice for marvel or star wars fans would be Disney+, while someone who wants to watch a show that’s only available on another one would prefer that. 

On the other hand, there are platforms like Masterclass for people who want to make the most out of their free time. Instead of spending their time watching Netflix, they can learn some new skills and watch documentaries – whatever they want. 

A Self Care Package 

This is a great option, because not only are you more in control of exactly how much the present will cost, but you can also pick and choose exactly the kind of things you know she likes. Imagine how happy she’ll be to get a package that contains everything she needs for a luxurious night in, from face masks, bath bombs, wine, and cozy PJs and slippers.
You can either just put together some snacks and a couple of face masks, or go the extra mile and even get her some wine – as we said, you’ll be in charge and she’ll definitely love it. 


This gives you the opportunity to make sure everything you get your friend is ethically sourced and eco-friendly, if that’s something she deeply cares about, or to get the things that she always wished she would have.

Customized T-shirts 

This is something that might take a little thought, but as long as you have some kind of inside joke you share with her, a sweet nickname you call her, or any other phrase that would be meaningful on a t-shirt or hoodie, this is a great option for a present. 

You can use fabric paints to paint it on the t-shirt, embroider it on the sleeves or the hem, or even tie and dye a cute pattern on the shirt instead.
No matter what you end up doing, it will mean the world to her that you took the time out to customize this shirt yourself, which is what makes this present so special. 


Support Her Hobbies and Interests 

Everyone has a certain hobby or interest that they don’t have time to pursue, or one that they’re unwilling to go after. Maybe all they need is a push, and signing them up for classes to learn the craft they admire, or getting them the supplies to start learning themselves can be just the support they need to really get into it. 

Maybe she wants to learn self defence, maybe she wants to learn professional baking or making jewelry – whatever it is, you can read up on it and get her some of the basic stuff she would need to start. 

For example, getting the right supplies to start painting isn’t hard and doesn’t really cost much if you’re smart about it. Just be careful to get beginner level stuff, and not to get the expert-level art supplies that will definitely suck your pockets dry! 

Subscription Services 

Just like someone has hobbies and interests, they also have something that they really love to try. For some it may be coffee, others might love to collect jewelry, and there may be some who just like to try out snacks from all over the world.
Whatever she’s into, you can bet that there’s a subscription service that can get a specially curated little box full of things related to it that she’s sure to love. From skincare to fashion, to young adult fantasy books, you can sign her up for the service and all you’ll have to do is pay a small fee every month, and some even offer discounts if you pay for a whole year at once. 

This idea is especially light on your pocket because the companies selling these boxes often have direct partnerships with the products they’re distributing, and can get them to you at prices cheaper than what you would get in the market. 

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