Top 6 Ways to Add Coziness to Your Living Room 

Top 6 Ways to Add Coziness to Your Living Room

Designers offer to perceive the process of decorating different zones in the apartment as the creation of a collage: first, there are large objects, then smaller, then accents and small, but noticeable and interesting details.

Let’s imagine that you already have a sofa, an armchair, and a coffee table in your living room. So what to add for coziness?


During the cold season, a rug in the room isn’t only cozy but also a functional detail. How much more comfortable to walk on a soft and warm pile than on a cool laminate or tile.

Keep in mind that the higher the pile, the cozier and softer the carpet. But it will also be more difficult to care for. In color and design, be guided by the basic color palette and style of the interior.

Decorative Lighting

Bright light is a taboo in the area in which you want to create comfort. For this purpose, small lamps, floor lamps, sconces, or pendants with decorative plafonds are more suitable. However, even with dim light, you can do everything you want and feel comfortable from playing online Blackjack games to working in the evening.

Choose bulbs with a soft warm light, it is most disposed to relaxation.

The Screen

It’s not the most common thing in the interior, but a guarantee of comfort and privacy in the soft zone. It’s especially useful in large spaces, or, conversely, in compact apartments, where you want to separate from the rest of the functional areas.

Screen walls can be made of different materials – from fabric and thin paper to carved wood. Focus on the style of your interior and the need to move the screen from place to place. You want to move it around more often, get a lightweight model.

Pillows and Plaids

It’s perfect to have different sets of textiles for cold and warm seasons. Bright cotton and linen covers for pillows and translucent chiffon blankets, pleasant to the touch, will add coziness in summer.

And in the fall and winter, denser and warmer fabrics such as wool, fur, knitted plaids, and skins will be useful.


Of course, you can consider garlands as decorative lighting, but we’ll put them in a separate item because they also have many kinds, shapes and functions. In the sofa area will look great with retro garlands on the wall. And garlands with small glowing dots can be beautifully placed on a shelf, a coffee table or the back of the couch.

Keep in mind: some of the lights need an electrical outlet, some are powered through a USB connector, and others will suffice with a few batteries.

Vases and Decor

Fill the upholstered area with beautiful things and decorations and the mood will immediately change. You can put a tray on the coffee table and on it – several vases, glass jars with live and artificial branches and plants.

What to use: dried flowers, dried eucalyptus, open boxes of cotton, rowan branches and other natural materials that you will meet in the street.

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