Top 5 Tips on Selecting the Right Handgun Ammo

It is important that you choose the correct ammo for your handgun. Follow these 5 tips to help you choose the right handgun ammo.

A lot of Americans own guns. But deciding which handgun ammo is the right one for you and your firearm can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry; we have you covered. In this article, we’re outlining the five most important factors that you should consider before purchasing handgun bullets. Read on to find out more!

1. Consider Your Firearm Model

When selecting handgun ammo, it is important to consider your personal firearm model and its recommended ammo type. Make sure your ammo type and weight are supported by your firearm model. Different firearms may require specific bullet types and weights to reach their full capacity.

Check to see if the ammo you are considering is recommended by your weapon manufacturer. Ensure the ammo type is intended to be fired in the weapon you own by looking at the ammunition labels.

Finding the right handgun ammo for your firearm model will ensure your safety and performance during a shooting situation.

2. Review Available Ammunition Options

Research various ammunition companies and read customer reviews to determine the best quality and performance. Be sure to choose handgun ammo sizes and power that fit your weapon.

Consider the shooting environment and determine what type of rounds will perform best in specific conditions. Always ensure that the types and calibers of handgun ammunition are appropriate for the purpose of use—such as concealed carry or competitive shooting. 

3. Determine Suitable Recoil Levels

It is important to understand the recoil so you can select the best type of ammo that matches the recoil level you are comfortable with.

Consider bullet weight and type. A heavier bullet may fit better for most people as it is easier to handle and provides more control. Look at the grain size, as this will also help determine the recoil you will experience.

Pay attention to the muzzle velocity of the ammo, which affects the recoil, as higher velocity will increase recoil. Do your research and listen to your hands when deciding which ammo and recoil level is right for you.

4. Research Penetration Distance in Various Mediums

Research penetration distance in various mediums to ensure the ammunition is capable of reaching the desired target. Look for ammo that has a high velocity of expansion. This will best penetrate the target with minimal over-penetration.

If self-defense is the intended purpose of the firearm, consider a hollow point design. This will cause the bullet to expand on impact with greater accuracy and effectiveness. Lighter bullets tend to have less penetration than heavier ones, so the weight should be chosen for the specific purpose of the ammo.

5. Evaluate What Ammo Is Legally Allowed in Your Area

Know your state’s gun laws. Each state has its own set of laws regarding gun ownership and ammunition. Make sure you’re familiar with the laws and only use ammo that is within the scope of the law.

Find a local gun shop or range where you can consult a knowledgeable gun specialist and ask questions about the best ammo for your handgun. Ready to look for handgun ammo prices for your scheduled target shooting? Read more here.

Find the Right Handgun Ammo for You

Overall, the type of ammo you choose for your handgun makes all the difference. Research the limitations and capabilities of different types of ammo to make sure that you find something that is perfect for you.

Start your research now to select the best handgun ammo for you!

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