Things to Do With Old Or Broken Devices

Things to Do With Old Or Broken Devices

When your mobile devices break, don’t just toss them. Many stores, cellphone carriers, and manufacturers have programs to recycle your broken smartphone sustainably.

You can also donate old phones to shelters, retirement communities, and other at-risk groups that may need them. Finally, you can turn your broken phone into a piggy bank or wallet.


Between planned obsolescence, high repair costs, and annual product launches, most consumers upgrade their smartphones every few years – banishing the old ones to a junk drawer or digital graveyard. But you can make a difference for the environment by donating your old tech rather than throwing it away or sending it to the trash, which is how e-waste is often disposed of in the US.

If the device still works and can perform basic tasks like web browsing, consider giving it to someone else who might need it. Many local charities accept donated electronics, including retirement communities and shelters for people experiencing homelessness. An initiative recycles used phones to give medical workers in developing countries the ability to track diseases, register pregnancies, and communicate with other emergency personnel. Before selling or donating your old devices, perform a factory reset to wipe out personal or professional data.


If you’re upgrading your gadgets frequently, you may have a tech graveyard collecting dust in your closet or tucked away in a drawer. You don’t have to keep living with these digital ghosts, though. There are several ways to dispose of your broken phones that won’t harm the environment.

For electronics that still work, some retailers, mobile networks, or even companies like ecoATM will allow you to trade them in for money or credit towards purchasing a new device. So, what is ecoATM? This is an excellent option for people looking to declutter, make some extra cash, or help someone who needs it.

Alternatively, you could sell your broken devices online through sites. This method does entail some effort in taking photos, posting, and meeting with potential buyers in person, but it can be an excellent way to reclaim that storage space while also making some money on your old tech.


Often, old tech that can’t be repaired ends up in landfills. This e-waste contains toxic chemicals that pollute the environment. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem and recycle old or broken devices.

It might seem like a waste of time to comb through your closets, attics, and garages for devices you no longer use. However, it’s well worth the effort. Whether or not your device still works, it may be helpful to someone else.

If your device is no longer functional, you can recycle it at shopping centers and supermarket kiosks. You can look over resources like ecoATM reviews for ideas on recycling and selling gadgets. This option keeps valuable materials from landfills, reduces the demand for raw material mining, and helps to protect the environment. It also helps to manage the toxic substances found in electrical gadgets. These toxic compounds can leak into soil and water supplies, contaminating the earth.


If you have a broken cellphone or other device, you can repurpose it. Cell phones contain metals and other elements that can damage the environment if released into the atmosphere, so it’s essential to recycle responsibly. Many wireless carriers, device manufacturers, and electronics recycling companies offer trade-in programs for old devices.

A cracked phone screen can often be repaired without paying for a new one. Using packing tape can cover cracks and prevent them from getting worse, and some types of glue, such as cyanoacrylate (better known as super glue), can seal small cracks.

Repairing your broken cellphone is a great way to overcome your fear of tech-based DIY and save money. Just back up your data and check whether making repairs would void your warranty. It may be worth replacing if the device is severely damaged, such as a wholly broken display or water damage. However, a new phone might cost nearly as much as the old one, so it’s essential to consider this carefully.

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