Things to do in Pulaski, NY with Kids

Things to do in Pulaski, NY with Kids

Pulaski has a unique history and is home to many events throughout the year. The city of Pulaski was created around the lumber industry, which is celebrated every May during the Lumberjack Festival.

There are many exciting things to do in Pulaski, NY, with kids. The festival includes a parade and competitions such as log sawing and ax throwing. Pulaski has numerous other attractions, making it a great holiday destination.  

Here are more details about the city and its major attractions. 

1. Thunder Island

Thunder Island is in the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. This island has a vast playground, walking trails, and a large picnic area. It also includes excellent views of the surrounding area. The park includes water slides, pools, and mini-golf. There are also restaurants on-site to make spending the day at the park accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

2. Pulaski Historical Society Museum

This museum has more details about the history of Pulaski. The museum has several rooms containing different exhibits about the town’s past. There are also many programs and classes available at the museum for those interested in learning more.

3. Silver Lake Park

Silver Lake Park is a favorite among families with young children because it includes a large playground area. The park has picnic areas as well as an ice-skating rink in the wintertime. Some trails nearby can be used to explore the beauty of nature, while some people visit the park to walk their dogs.

4. Museum of Science and Technology

This museum is a great place for kids. It has many exhibits, including a planetarium and a 3D theater. There are classes for those who want to learn more or try something new. Visitors can even camp at the site for an unforgettable family experience that everyone will enjoy. 

5. Pulaski Pines

This family campground is an excellent place for those looking to enjoy the outdoors. Visitors can stay in one of the many cabins or campsites and enjoy hiking, fishing, and swimming at the site. There are kayaking tours available and other special events that take place throughout the year, such as movie nights. It is a fantastic place for friends and family to enjoy Pulaski, NY, together.

6. Fishing in Lake Ontario

Pulaski is a short drive from Lake Ontario, and it offers many great places to fish. Kayak tours on the lake are available too. The tours mean a lot of fun for families with young kids. The tour guides strive to keep everyone safe, and there are even opportunities for participants to help paddle or even steer the boats.

Several places allow visitors to fish from the shore or rent a boat and travel out into the water if they prefer. Fishing is an exceptional way to spend time with friends and family out in nature. Kids will love seeing all the wildlife they can find in the area, while parents will enjoy watching their children learn more about the surroundings.

Final thoughts

There are many things to do in Pulaski, NY, with kids, but these are the most favorite ones. Booking via an online portal, for example, AmericanOtels, will give you access to the best deals and discounts. Click here for more details on hotels and other accommodations throughout the city. 

Pulaski is a small town with ample opportunities, so there’s bound to be something that each and every one of your children will love and treasure. 

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