4 Tips for Preventing a Home Break In

Are you wondering how you can keep your home even safer? Click here for four tips for preventing a home break in that are sure to help you.

While a home break-in isn’t likely to happen to you, about one million break-ins or burglaries happen every year in the United States. This number can sound frightening, especially if you live in a home that looks tempting to potential burglars.

That means that it’s a good idea to update your home security so you can keep your household and your belongings as safe as possible. But what should you do to improve your house safety?

We’re here to talk about it. Read on for a few top tips for improving your home safety.

1. Install a Security System

Installing a home security system is one of the best ways to prevent home break-ins and theft. They often also come with other benefits such as fire and flood detection, as well as home video monitoring that you can check on from your phone at any time.

When you’re trying to plan the perfect system, prioritize places where break-ins and theft are most likely. Where do you keep your valuables? What are the most likely points of entry?

It’s common for burglars to avoid homes with obvious security systems or leave as soon as they hear alarms.

2. Consider Outdoor Lighting

Any smart burglar will want to visit your home in the dead of night as long as no one is home. While daytime break-ins are common (burglars expect homeowners to be at work or school), nighttime burglars won’t want to visit homes if they’re well-lit.

They know that it’s easier for concerned neighbors to spot them or for homeowners to wake up if they’re at home.

Automatic outdoor motion lights are an affordable addition to any home.

3. Protect Your Hide-a-Key

It’s not uncommon to hide spare keys outside of the home. After all, the last thing that you want is to be locked out! But is your hide-a-key making your home unsafe?

If you must hide a key outdoors, make sure that it’s not in an obvious place. Over the doorway and under the mat are common options. Also, avoid hiding it under a plant pot.

You can buy key hiders that look like stones to make your key’s location more subtle.

4. Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

When you’re out and about, do your best to make it look like someone is in the house. It’s uncommon for home invaders to pursue homes that look as though there is someone awake at home.

While it’s not good for the environment to keep lights while you’re not home, it is a good deterrent. Stick to LED lights to reduce your energy bills and the damage that you do to the environment.

Prevent a Home Break-in With These Tips

There’s no surefire way to prevent a home break-in, but with these house security tips, you’ll deter potential burglars from breaking into your home.

Install a security system and motion lights, protect your hide-a-key, and make sure that your empty house never truly looks empty. You deserve a safe home, so protect yourself!

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