Things to Consider When Buying a Magnetic Screen Door

Things to Consider When Buying a Magnetic Screen Door

One of the essential parts of every home is the door. The security of every home significantly depends on your door. With technological advancements in the door industries, there is an introduction of magnetic screen doors, which helps to offer additional security and other essential benefits. Besides providing protection, screen doors allow natural light and fresh air into your house while keeping insects and pests out. You will acquire several other benefits when installing a magnetic screen door in your home. However, to enjoy all the benefits of magnetic screen doors, it is essential to make the right choice when purchasing a screen door. Below are the vital factors to help you choose the right screen door for your home.


It would be best to have a precise dimension of screen doors to purchase for successful installation or replacement. Consider measuring the length and width of the doorway or the current screen door to help you buy the correct size of the magnetic screen door. Although some manufacturers have screen doors of one size, most provide a variety of widths and lengths. If you have a unique door with unique dimensions, finding the right screen door in the market may not be easy. Consider consulting a specialist to have you a customized screen door for your unique doorway.

Screen Material

The material used to make the screen is also another essential factor. The commonly used materials to make the screen doors are; fiberglass, plastic, and metal fibers such as copper, iron, steel, or aluminum. Metal materials make screens the most durable of all the materials. Although they have a higher cost, metal screens are mostly preferred. Fiberglass and plastic also have an incredibly robust, with a high recommendation. However, these materials have a slightly less lifespan than a metal screen. Based on many other factors, it is best to choose the best material that is convenient to you.


Not all screen doors are fragile for people to break through your house quickly. If your significant issue is security, it is best to have a screen made of strong and more lasting material. The commonly used materials to produce high-quality security screen doors are metal fibers. You can also consider including a key lock or deadbolt on your screen door. 

Your need

Before reaching the market, you need to know what kind of magnetic screen door you want. Consider researching the type of magnetic screen you want, its features, and the cost of acquitting. You also need to know if you wish to add some features to the screen door you want. It will help you know if the screen doors available in the market are best for you or need a customized one.

Your budget

Your budget is another essential factor when choosing a magnetic screen door to install in your house. Calculate your budget and set aside the amount you can spend on buying a screen door. Since different magnetic screen door materials range in value, your budget will guide you in choosing the right screen door. It is best to buy a screen door conveniently for your budget. It is essential to have a magnetic screen door installed in your home. However, it is not ideal for picking any screen door you see in the market. That is why it is best to research what you want. The above will help you choose the right screen door to install at your home.

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