Does Home Color Affect the Inside Temperature?

If your home is always too hot, it might be because of the exterior color of your house. Learn how home color affects indoor temperature here.

If your home is always too hot, it might have something to do with the exterior color of your house. Approximately 6 million homes got purchased in 2021! Many people base their color choices on preference.

What if color choices affect heating and cooling? Keep reading to learn how your home color may affect indoor temperatures. 

The Science of Home Color

When it comes to a home’s exterior, the color does make a difference. You may have heard to wear lighter-colored clothing during the summer so that you don’t get too hot. It turns out that could help. 

Different colored wavelengths combine to make white light. These lighter colors reflect light, and include the warm solar light from the sun. 

Black absorbs more heat than any other color. The darker the home color, the more potential for a warm inside home temperature. White is the home color that will keep the inside coolest. It retains the least amount of heat. 

Choosing Exterior Color

If the standard white house does not appeal to you, you can choose another color on the lighter spectrum. Colors like yellow and tan can keep the inside home temperature stable. Pink is also an option, and more neighborhoods have begun to include that as a home exterior color option.

Some people base their home color decision on the house size. A small home may work with a darker color because you have less space to cool. If you get a place with more square feet, a dark color could have your HVAC system running for long periods.

Painting Your House

If you decide on painting your home’s exterior, you may want to consider the weather. Living in a hot climate may help you choose a light home color. Some homes get painted dark colors, and that can work as long as you keep the inside home temperature a priority. 

Remember that if it gets hot outside and your home color is dark, you might have a tough time cooling the home. You can expect some high energy bills during the summer months. 

If painting your house a plain light color doesn’t interest you, there are other options. A dark exterior color may be ideal, and you need some ways to keep the inside home temperature cool. 

Using a residential window tint can keep the heat out. You can click for more details on keeping your home cool even while choosing a dark home color.  

The Right Home Paint Color

Sometimes choosing a home color seems like the last crucial decision. Many of us get overwhelmed with square footage and kitchen designs. Yet, when we choose a house, the exterior color matters as much as anything else. 

Pick a home color based on the tips above, and you will enjoy a cooler and comfortable living space for many years. Go with what you like and choose a color that works for your area. If you found this article helpful, check out the rest of our site for more home design tips!

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