The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Travertine Paver Pattern

Are you wondering which type of travertine paver pattern is right for you? Click here for the ultimate guide to choosing your travertine paver pattern.

Are you tired of most conventional paving options? Are you shopping for something new for your outdoor design project? Travertine paver might just be the solution for all your hard surface complications.

Many homeowners across the country have trusted this unique solution for outdoor and even interior surfaces.

Maybe you’re a bit skeptical about this alternative to concrete or stone, however. Maybe you’re looking for some tips about the patterns you should be shopping for before you invest.

Sounds like you? Read on for your ultimate guide to choosing the pavers of your dreams.

The Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Travertine Paver

Do you want a more traditional pattern or a more modern one? When it comes to choosing a travertine paver pattern, there are a few important factors to consider. This includes the following:

The Size

The most important factor when choosing a travertine paver pattern is the size of the area you are covering. If the area is too small, the pattern will be lost.

If the area is too large, the pattern will be too repetitive.

The Look

The second consideration is the desired look. Do you want a more classic look or a more contemporary look? That will help dictate the pattern you choose.

The Traffic

The third consideration is traffic. If the area is high-traffic, you will want to choose a pattern that is easier to clean. If the area is low-traffic, you can choose a more intricate pattern.

The Climate

You should also consider the climate. If the area is subject to freezing temperatures, you will want to choose a pattern that will not crack in the cold.

Types of Travertine Pavers

Travertine is a type of stone that is popular for paving driveways and walkways. There are many travertine paver pattern options you can choose from.

Here are the three main types of travertine pavers:


Tumbled travertine pavers have a natural, aged look and are popular for rustic-style projects. This is the most affordable type of pattern.


Honed travertine pavers have a smooth, matte finish and are a good choice for more formal projects. This is the most popular type of pattern.


Polished travertine pavers have a shiny, reflective surface and are perfect for creating a dramatic look. This is the most expensive type of travertine paver.

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Investing in the Benefits of a Travertine Paver to Your Home

If you’re looking to add travertine pavers to your home, this guide is a great resource. It walks you through the different patterns available and helps you choose the right one for your space.

Travertine pavers are very attractive. They can help to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. They can also help to reduce noise levels. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your home.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best pattern and relax in the perfect ambiance of your home!

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