The Truth Is Out There: An Exciting Area 51 Road Trip

The Truth Is Out There: An Exciting Area 51 Road Trip

 What is happening in Area 51 has been a matter of speculation for decades, and Hollywood has fueled this obsession with movies like Independence Day, portraying aliens with desires for world domination. For a long time, this has been the most secret, clandestine military base in the world though, and the public wants to know why. What are the government protecting us from, or what are they hiding? You can read all the conspiracy theories you want, but sometimes the only way to find out a little more is by taking a road trip down to Nevada.

 Preparing For Your Journey 

Not one to miss the opportunity to cash in on a little financial boost, the Nevada tourism board has devised a three-day loop around Area 51. This “Extraterrestrial Highway” has been open since the 1990s, just in time for Will Smith to catch a few bad guys. The route takes you close to the Nellis Air Force Range, where dozens of people have claimed to have seen unusual activity. The road trip takes you from Las Vegas to Pahrump near the Death Valley National Park, up to Tonopah, and back around through Alamo. Whatever type of car you plan to drive, make sure that it’s well-maintained and reliable, as there are very few garage services along the way. Also, do make sure to check important details, like the oil, or that the fuel hasn’t gone bad. A 4×4 is advisable if you plan to do a little off-roading, such as a Jeep or Land Rover.  

Nellis Military Operations

 The Nellis Military Operations range has been a test facility since the 1950s – it was originally known as The Ranch or Site II and was where the first U2 spy planes were tested, as well as the A-12 and the SR-71 Blackbird. The A-12 in particular may have fueled the stories of UFO sightings. Today Nellis is as closely guarded as it was 70 years ago. You will need to take your long-range lens if you are hoping to glimpse a bit of the action: the base is patrolled by armed guards.  

Groom Lake and Groom Mine

 Although you might not be able to get as close to Area 51 as you are hopping on your road trip, it is worth considering what is going on underground. The area is often known as Groom Lake, named after the salt flat which is situated directly next to the airfield. From here, the Groom Lake Road leads through Jumbled Hills, leading to mines that are in the basin. The Groom Mine is shown on topographical maps as being disused; however, there are many conspiracies that Area 51 isn’t just about the research facility on the surface. There is a vast expanse under the surface that the government simply isn’t telling us about.  A weekend away lying on the beach is what the masses do. Take an Area 51 road trip instead – expand your mind and find out the truth

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