The Importance of Straight Teeth

It's common for kids to have crooked teeth, though it should definitely not be ignored. Here are the benefits to having straight teeth.

When your child’s adult teeth begin to form, you may notice that they’ve come in crooked. This occurrence is common in many children. But, just because it’s common doesn’t make it healthy.

Having straight teeth isn’t just a cosmetic feature; it’s a critical feature of oral health. Straight teeth make it easier to preserve healthy teeth.

That’s why dentists and orthodontists may suggest your child get braces. These corrective braces straighten their teeth and get a beautiful smile.

So, how do straight teeth impact your oral health? If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll answer this question in the guide below. 

Fewer Cavities with Straight Teeth 

Crooked and overlapping teeth are more challenging to clean and floss. Food particles cause plaque or cavities to develop and stick in the spaces between these teeth. Eventually, these materials can cause cavities to form if left unchecked. 

But, when your child has straight and aligned teeth, the food bits lose their hiding spots. From there, your child can brush and floss their teeth more effectively. 

Improving Speech Patterns

From the time we’re children, we learn to make various sounds with our mouths to speak. You may not notice it, but several sounds you make require your tongue to touch your teeth. Mastering these motions helps you speak fluently.

But, if your child’s teeth are misaligned or crooked, their tongue has to do more work to make those sounds. Sometimes, this causes a speech impediment to develop.

The last thing a child wants is to have trouble talking like their peers. Fortunately, children’s braces can straighten their teeth and protect them from a speech impediment. 

Improved Digestion

Did you know that teeth alignment can impact a person’s digestion? Straight teeth are better positioned to chew food. This way, the food breaks down in a way that the stomach can digest. 

But, crooked teeth won’t chew as efficiently as straight teeth. Because of this, your child’s food may not become broken down enough for their digestive tract. 

As a result, your child may have more frequent gas and indigestion. They may also miss some of the nutrition from their meals. 

Fewer Headaches

Crowded or crooked teeth do not wear evenly in your mouth. Because of this, these teeth cause jaw stress in your child’s skull. The result of this stress is a headache. 

These problems often worsen as children grow older. So, it’s better to get braces sooner and correct their teeth quickly. This way, you can spare them more undue pain in the future. 

Saving Money Long-Term

Over time, dental issues can cost significant amounts of money. Although getting corrective braces may feel like a financial burden, it saves you high sums of money. So, get your child the dental treatment they need!

Find the Best Orthodontist for Corrective Braces

As you can see, straight teeth have several health benefits for your child. So, don’t hesitate. Get them the corrective braces they need today!

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