Spine Health: How to Heal Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be debilitating and restrict your range of motion and quality of life. We look at how to heal lower back pain and find your mobility again.

Maybe you’re suffering from lower back pain. The good news is that it’s pretty easy to treat.

Whether you have chronic back pain or a case of “too much yard work today back pain,” you can take action. Spinal misalignment can cause pain in other parts of the body such as the legs, knees, hips, and shoulders.

Keep reading as we share a few natural ways how to heal lower back pain. Let’s get started!

Stretch and Strengthen the Core Muscles 

Staying proactive about spine health is the best way to avoid back pain. The key to a healthy spine is to engage in activities that stretch and strengthen the core muscles. 

The core muscles include the abdominal, lower back, and hip muscles. Doing stretching exercises, like yoga and Pilates, can help to improve strength, flexibility, and stability in these muscles.

Additionally, engaging in core-specific exercises such as planks, bridges, and crunches can help to strengthen these muscles and prevent pain. Lastly, to improve spine health, it is important to avoid lifting heavy objects. 

Apply Ice and Heat Therapy

Ice and heat therapy are powerful tools for managing lower back pain. Both offer natural, non-invasive relief from pain, inflammation, and stiffness.

Ice reduces pain in cases of acute injury, while heat helps with stiffness from degenerative conditions. When used together in alternating cycles, these therapies offer additional benefits such as:

  • Promoting muscle relaxations
  • Increased circulation
  • Metabolic activity
  • Improved lymphatic and circulatory functions

When applying to the lower back, the cold and hot packs should be used on the affected area 10-15 minutes at a time with at least 20-30 minute breaks in between. 

With consistent use and proper technique, ice and heat therapies provide a safe way to manage lower back pain.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is a key part of healing back pain. During sleep, the body can repair damage and regenerate healthy tissues. If you don’t get enough sleep, you may end up with weakened or damaged tissues.

When your spine’s tissues are worn out or weak, this can cause you to experience lower back pain. Proper sleep position and mattress type are also important factors to consider.

It is best to use supportive pillows or cushions to maintain the natural alignment of your spine will also help.  

Seek Professional Medical Help 

If you experience unmanageable lower back pain, the best thing to do is seek professional medical help. Depending on the specific ailment, it can come in the form of:

  • Physical therapy
  • Pain management
  • Chiropractic care
  • Acupuncture or surgery

Furthermore, chiropractic care focuses on spinal manipulation and manual therapy to provide relief. This kind of therapy works to improve your range of motion, decrease pain and stiffness, and restore your natural balance.

Additionally, professional medical help can provide strategies to maintain spine health such as avoiding high-impact activities and modifying your posture. With the right help and tools, one can heal back pain for good and maintain a healthy spine.

Use These Tips on How to Heal Lower Back Pain

Good spine health is essential for living life to its fullest. By following these strategies on how to heal lower back pain, it can be minimized and sometimes avoided.

Speak to a medical professional if the pain persists, and take suitable steps to regain your mobility. To begin feeling the positive effects of better spine health, consult with a health practitioner today!

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