The Five Most Annoying Things That Might Happen On A Day Out!

traffic jam

You’ve been looking forward to some time out for some weeks now. The car’s full of petrol, the sandwiches are made for the journey, the kids have tablets with enough downloaded entertainment to keep them occupied during the car ride. What could possibly go wrong!

Inevitably there are a myriad of things that could go wrong and spoil the day for you. We’ve highlighted the five most popular things that can go wrong on a day out. They are in no particular order, but I am sure you can relate to them all.

  1. Being stuck in traffic

Chances are if it’s the holidays and all the schools are off, then the roads are going to be pretty choked with traffic. And if the weather is good, the greater the chance that every one will be having the same idea as you.

If the recent news is anything to go by, the trains might well be on strike, so the roads are going to be even busier. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a day out, only to spend at least half of it stuck on the car in the middle of stationary traffic.

Prepare yourself for being stuck on a motorway somewhere, no matter how early you leave. Unfortunately there is absolutely nothing you can do about being stuck in traffic, so there is no point stressing about it. Instead, make it a track traffic part of the day. Going ‘off piste’ and taking some back roads may make the journey a bit longer, but if it means you are moving forward and enjoying some beautiful scenery then you’ll arrive at your destination much happier.

  • The weather

There’s nothing worse than imaging a day spent on a sun drenched beach, or a walk in dappled woods, or enjoying an al fresco meal overlooking some stunning scenery, only to pull back the curtains to be faced with big black clouds and pouring rain.

And then the closer you get to your destination, the bigger and blacker those looming clouds become.

When planning your day, consider all eventualities and endeavour to build in some failsafe alternatives to activities that you can do if the rain continues.

  • Car gets towed

When you are some distance from home, your car is a useful repository for al your bits and pieces as you go about your day. Having your car towed because you illegally parked somewhere new is extremely frustrating, but one hundred percent avoidable providing you follow one basic rule – check on the parking regulations of the place where you are parked. Car park management services will have erected a sign that explains clearly what your parking responsibilities are. Read these, understand them, and you’ll be able to avoid potential parking fines.

  • Cash only parking

To carry on with our car parking theme, make sure you keep some coins in your car, tucked away somewhere for an unexpected emergency. Such an emergency is often trying to park somewhere which is not yet upgraded with the latest parking payment app technology, but instead simply accepts good old fashioned coins. How many of us carry cash these days. Keep a few in your dashboard for such occasions!

  • Lose your wallet/phone

How much of your life is lived through your phone. It’s not just a tool for making and receiving calls, it gives you directions, it holds tickets, it stores all your booking and reservation information, it takes photos, it’s your lifeline with the rest of the world. In fact, it is now used extensively for paying for certain items. Losing your wallet is one, thing, and extremely inconvenient. Losing your phone is like losing a both limbs. 

Other than that, relax and enjoy your day out – you’ve deserved it!

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