Men’s Shoe Trends for Every Occasion

Men's Shoe Trends for Every Occasion

Men’s casual dress shoes are comfortable and versatile and work well with either jeans or a suit. Some styles, like loafers, which feature slip-on designs, are casual enough to wear year-round while being dressed up with a suit or blazer for special occasions.

Their closed lacing system makes Oxfords more formal and can be worn with suits. A resurgence in popularity has seen the monk strap, with its single or double buckle closure, gain popularity.


Oxford shoes are the quintessential formal shoes. They have closed lacing and sleek design, making them an excellent choice for business suits and black-tie events. They can be plain or adorned with broguing, although the latter is typically reserved for casual styles such as wingtip or saddle shoes.

The Oxford Wholecut style is a modern variation that eliminates additional seams for a sleek look. These men’s dress shoes work equally well with casual outfits such as jeans and corduroy trousers as with classic tuxedos.

Try a pair of suede oxfords in brown tones for a casual Oxford shoe that works just as well with trousers as your best suit. They’re a great way to add a touch of personality to your wardrobe without sacrificing sophistication. For even more versatility, consider leather loafers with lace details that can be dressed up or down for various situations.


For daily wear, men need comfortable shoes, and sneakers are a key trend in fashion. Sneakers look great with various casual ensembles but may also be dressed in suits.

Trends in mens shoes are still in style: plain-colored, somewhat large sneakers with an everyday appeal are still stylish. However, many sneaker brands offer unique designs that blend classic styles with modern design features.

Boots and combat boots are also a staple of men’s footwear, adding a rugged aesthetic. Chunky boots complement casual urban style trends and feature updates like lug soles for practical traction. Similarly, Chelsea boots come in premium leather, suede, and faux-leather options to suit any occasion, from Friday night drinks to formal meetings.

Hybrid Styles

In a world where the line between formal and casual wear continues to blur, hybrid dress shoes are a versatile option for men. Combining the sophistication of traditional dress shoes with the comfort of sneakers, these shoes redefine footwear norms.

For example, loafers are known for their laceless structure and flexible soles, making them comfortable enough to wear on a long day in the office or at home. However, some men worry that these shoes are too casual to be appropriate in formal settings. Hybrid loafers feature traditional leather styles with breathable materials, flexible soles, and cushioned footbeds, providing a stylish and functional alternative to formal dress shoes.

Other popular hybrid dress options include Oxford-style shoes with closed lacing systems and elegant designs. Hybrid Oxford shoes feature classic styles with flexible soles and cushioned footbeds to provide all-day comfort. In addition, many hybrid dress shoe styles incorporate features such as odor control and moisture-wicking fabrics to keep feet fresh and dry.

Mules & Clogs

As utilitarian footwear becomes fashion’s pantheon of stylish essentials, clogs have emerged as the latest inductee. Basic clogs, featuring a backless base and thick wooden or pseudo-wooden soles, evoke the house slipper aesthetic that has long appealed to men with an offbeat style.

Fortunately, design houses have added more upscale takes on this functional shoe trend. Bottega Veneta, for example, launched a clog-inspired shoe to Chelsea boot-level fanfare, and designers offer slick leather styles that blend mule and loafer stylings.

You can create a comfortable casual look with mules by pairing them with skinny jeans and a T-shirt or oversized button-down. Alternatively, pair them with a midi skirt and opaque tights during cooler weather. Either way, you’ll want to add a jacket or blazer for a sophisticated, sartorial look. It will also highlight the open back of your shoes. Then, top off your outfit with a handmade bag to draw attention to this new footwear trend.

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