The Advantages of Getting a Texada HydraPressed Slab

The Advantages of Getting a Texada HydraPressed Slab

When looking for an exceptional flooring solution, you should consider Texada HydraPressed Slabs. These slabs are available in a variety of colors and sizes. They are manufactured to tight specifications and provide an architectural finish. You can also choose from various non-stock colors, making them ideal for any project. The texada hydrapressed slabs are ideal for applications that require durability and strength while also having an elegant appearance. The slabs can be installed using the sand set method or on adjustable pedestals, sloping or leveling as needed. Texada is precision-cut to precise sizes, with right edges that fit together tightly. For a neat appearance, the top edges are chamfered.

HydraPressed Slabs are produced by hydraulically pressing concrete using an advanced method, resulting in a cured slab with incredible strength and durability.

Reduces Load Burden on Building Structures

Texada HydraPressed Slabs are constructed with superior strength and durability. Installed using pedestal systems, they are compatible with varying building designs. The concrete slabs are made to be dimensionally precise and come with actual edges and chamfered tops. Depending on their application, they can be used on roof decks and patios.

Reduces Installation Time

Texada HydraPressed Slabs are a high-performance building material with a tight fit and architectural finish. They are pressed with 400 tons of hydraulic pressure for strength and durability and are made to precise dimensions. They are also chamfered on top for a neat appearance.

HydraPressed Paving Slabs are designed for light-duty areas, such as parking lots, sidewalks, and rooftops, where light maintenance vehicles operate. These slabs can be installed on a pedestal system or sand or mortar. They can also be used for patios and rooftops.

Reduces Costs

A Texada HydraPressed Slab is an excellent choice for strength and durability projects. The product is easy to install on a level and sloping surfaces thanks to a sand set method. It comes in various colors and can be custom ordered to fit your requirements. It is available in two standard sizes and four cut-to-size options.

Depending on the thickness of the slab, extra reinforcement can be added to provide additional support and stability. This means the concrete poured for the foundation will be thicker around the slab’s perimeter, which will help hold up the walls. However, this added reinforcement will cost an additional $1 to $2 per square foot.

Provides an Architectural Finish

Texada HydraPressed Slabs have a unique, shot-blasted architectural finish that produces subtle colors and an elegant appearance. These slabs are precision-cut and available in various sizes and colors. They can also be special-ordered to order in colors not typically stocked by suppliers.

Texada hydrapressed slabs are durable, solid, and suitable for residential and commercial applications. Their light shot blast finish makes them non-skid underfoot and pleasing to the eye. They are also ideal for patios and rooftops.

Texada HydraPressed Slabs are available in Pacific Slate, and Sandstone finishes. Combined with other natural stones, they make an excellent accent material or border. Porcelain slabs offer performance, are stain-resistant, and are resistant to chemicals. They also provide a seamless aesthetic continuity between indoor and outdoor spaces.

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