Room by Room: This Is How to Decorate a House

Before you decorate a house, there are a couple things you should remember. Our guide here has some awesome tips to know.

Is there anything more exciting than looking at the blank slate that is a new house or a decor overhaul? The opportunity to design a space that suits you just right, the ability to go in any direction you want.

That said, all of that opportunity can be overwhelming. After all, the possibilities are virtually endless. So if you’re preparing to decorate a house, it’s a good idea to gather some tips before you start.

And we’re here to give them to you! To learn how to decorate your home, even if you’re starting without a single piece of decor, just keep reading.

Start With Your Style

Before you begin shopping for specific pieces of furniture and other house decorations, you need to nail down your style. What’s your overall vision for the interior of your home?

Browse decorating websites, image boards, social media, magazines, etc., to determine what inspires you most. Do you enjoy the austerity of minimalistic decor, or do you prefer an eclectic, bohemian atmosphere?

Think about color palettes, textures, and lighting as well. Is your ideal bedroom dark and luxurious or streaming with natural light? The more specific you are with your vision, the easier the decorating process will be.

Design Your Home Room by Room

Attempting to consider your entire house at once when thinking of home decor ideas is a great way to become overwhelmed. As with any large task, this project should be broken down into smaller pieces so that it’s more manageable.

And what better way to do this than by breaking it down by room?

Which room are you most excited to decorate? Start with that room and work your way through the rest, one at a time.

If you don’t have a favorite, consider starting with the rooms in which you and your loved ones spend the most time. Having a completed living room, for example, will make the other rooms being unfinished feel less stressful.

Don’t feel pressured to design all of your rooms in the same style (unless that’s what you want to do, of course). If you want a minimalistic living room but a homey, relaxed office, you should do both!

Choose a Focal Point

No matter which room you’re working on, you need to choose a focal point. This can be anything from a piece of artwork to a couch, as long as it provides you with inspiration for the rest of the room.

It doesn’t have to be the largest item in the room. For example, you might find a set of wine glasses that spark the ideas for the design of the rest of the dining room.

Having said that, you do need to think about what your biggest decor piece will be before investing in anything. The biggest decor piece in your living room will be your couch, while the piece in your dining room will be the table.

In addition to being the largest, these will likely also be the most expensive. Let’s use your bedroom as an example. You don’t want to blow your entire bedroom decor budget on bedding when you still need a bed and a dresser.

Take Your Time

As frustrating as it might be to live in a partially finished home for the time being, it’s better to take your time with the decorating process than to attempt to do it all at once.

Resist the urge to make any major purchases until you’ve lived in the house for at least two months. After a few weeks or months in the space, you’ll have a better idea of how you want it to look and function.

Maybe when you first moved into the house, you planned to spend the majority of your decorating budget on the living room and later found that your money would be better spent in the kitchen.

The fun in decorating is in the journey, not the destination. There’s no rush! Consider every little detail of each room and don’t settle for less than pieces you truly love. You’re going to be spending a lot of time among this decor, it should make you feel happy and at home.

Don’t Splurge Where You Can Save

During your home decorating journey, there are going to be certain items that you treat yourself with. Maybe you fall in love with an antique chest of drawers or apothecary cabinet that puts a large dent in your budget. That’s okay!

However, with that in mind, it’s wise to save where you can. Don’t be afraid to shop for pieces at thrift stores or garage sales – you never know what you might find. You can get incredible deals this way, as people often don’t know the value of what they have.

In addition, repainting a room yourself rather than hiring professionals is a great deal less expensive. If your current kitchen cabinets don’t mesh with your style, consider refinishing them and changing the fixtures rather than replacing them entirely.

Use This Guide to Decorate a House Like a Pro

As you prepare to decorate a house, gather all the advice and inspiration that you can. But don’t lose sight of the most important thing: your own wants and needs.

When you’re decorating a house, you’re the one who’s living there, so don’t worry too much about trends or other people’s tastes. It doesn’t matter if your tastes are the polar opposite of what’s “in” at the time, always put your own style first.

Interested in learning more about designing the perfect home for you? Take a look at our blog!

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