Quit Drinking New Year Resolution? How To Follow Through

Quit Drinking New Year Resolution? How To Follow Through

It is that time of the year again. Completed another revolution around the sun, and we are filled with the zeal to start a new everything. Every new year’s eve, we are high on adrenaline and make empty promises to ourselves.

A very common one would be your “Quit Drinking” motto. Every year, somewhere, someone is making a resolution to quit alcohol from their lifestyle. Now, there is no benefit in sugar coating; it wouldn’t be easy.

Not only will you need a full-proof plan, but a course of action to mitigate all the possibilities of breaking this resolution. You have to take each day at a time, and in terms of difficult situations, play zone defense.

In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the fool-proof ways to get through your quit drinking new year resolution.

A New Year – A New Resolution!

Whether this is your first time trying to quit alcohol and taking the 1st of January as an excuse, or your tenth time, this excerpt will have the solution. This is why eliminating alcohol from your life is a resolution worth making.

– You will protect yourself from alcoholism. It is a slippery slope when you like the taste of alcohol.

– No more waking up with a splitting headache and attending work with the world’s worst hangover.

– You can learn to enjoy the good things without the “haze.”

– Enjoy no-alcohol parties more.

– Support your sober friends, and become their companion.

– You are always fit to drive yourself back home at night.

How To Follow Through With Your “Quit Drinking”

Now that you know the good parts, here is how you can follow through.

1. Make A List Of Reasons

Any goal is incomplete without a comprehensive list. This helps you get a clear idea of what you should do. Along with knowing the generic benefits of quitting alcohol, you should also jot down the pointers which are exclusive to you. In detail, write why you should quit and what happiness it will bring you.

For example, you want to quit because no one around you drinks, and you would want to enjoy their company more. You want to live longer and stop consuming this slow poison. You want to enjoy life without a drug messing with your mind.

Anything which serves you well is the reason behind your resolution. 

2. Find An Alternative

If you are worried about missing the smell or taste when you are around alcohol, then find an alternative. Believe it or not, there are spirits out there that have the same feeling of sipping on alcohol, but without the alcohol.

In short, it is like tricking your mind into stopping the craving. The smell and taste of this premium Non-Alcoholic Bourbon will help release dopamine which makes our bodies feel good..

They are 100% safe and even have fewer calories than alcohol. You can make the best “cocktails” with them and serve them to yourself or your guest. No more feeling left out at parties and giving in to temptations.

3. Make An Action Plan

An action plan is a step-by-step guide of how you would wish to carry forward with the plan. Some of the common action plans you can follow are-

– Taking each day at a time.

– 30-day challenge.

– 21 days of building a habit challenge. (This is very effective for people who are drinking every day and are on the brink of alcoholism.)

4. Enlist What Can Go Wrong

Everything won’t be peachy keen; there will be difficult times when you will find it hard to keep your resolution. If you have done this before, then you should already know what can go wrong.

A good course of action would be to make a “What can go wrong list” and methods with which you can avoid such events. For example, if going on that beach vacation right after the New Year can make you fall back into old habits, it is better to cancel it. 

5. Tell Your Close Ones

When it gets difficult to restrain yourself, take other disciplinary measures. You do not have to hire a sober coach right away. Make your friends and family your unofficial sober coaches. However, remember they are doing this out of the love they have for you, and it is your responsibility to return that favor.

So, do not take that sip when they warn you not to. Appreciate their efforts by respecting their disciplinary measure to stop you from drinking.

6. Find Mindful Distractions

Mindful distractions are an easy way to divert your mind when you reach your limit of temptation. You can try calming, holistic activities like yoga, music, or art therapy, aromatherapy (taking a relaxing bath with aroma candles and bath salts), acupuncture (every two weeks), and physical exercise of your choice (induces dopamine, and endorphins).

7. Take It Slow

Do not take upon too much. You will create unattainable goals for yourself and inevitably won’t reach them. Then will come to the self-sabotaging tendencies where you will negatively criticize yourself.

Always make small goals. For example, rather than taking up a yearly resolution, you can start with a three-month mark.

8. Start Therapy

Therapy is the cornerstone of good mental health. Sometimes when you find yourself too gloomy to get up from bed and not know what to do, it is because you don’t know what’s wrong.

Regular therapy helps you to understand your emotional turbulences and work through them. Start taking therapy, irrespective of the fact that you want to quit alcohol, and begin with a healthy lifestyle. 

There Is No Tomorrow!

A resolution should commence at the beginning of the year; there is no 2nd or 3rd. If you are still in the party phase, and what a last night of sin, then remember-

That tomorrow will never come…

So, start today, and make plans for the next month of the very first “no alcohol” you.

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