Plantation Shutters: What You Should Look For and How to Find the Right Ones

Plantation Shutters: What You Should Look For and How to Find the Right Ones

Interior and exterior shutters are rated highly in home improvement projects. They not only improve your home’s visual appeal but also protects against the elements. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice for homes that want to add value and beautiful style. They have a timeless look, and you will never get tired of seeing them in your home. Further on are a few tips on finding the right ones to buy for your home. 


Price is a significant aspect to consider when looking at these Plantation Shutters Melbourne. You can research online to get an idea of what it should cost to get the type of shutters you want from a reputable supplier. Be wary of the lowest-priced shutters you find online, as there are many reports about poor-quality materials and artistry.

Ensure that you get quotes from multiple suppliers to compare the products and prices. Sometimes it is worth paying more if the quality is significantly better than cheaper options.


Wood shutters are the most common choice for interior use. However, most people use the polymer ones in exterior applications. These materials are competitively priced and offer high durability, making them a cost-effective option for many people. 

In addition, wood has a more traditional look than polymer and greater versatility in staining and painting options. Polymer is available in a wide variety of colours, but there are fewer colour options that mimic the look of wood stains.

It is important to consider longevity, maintenance requirements, and appearance compared to your budget when choosing material.


With so many options available, you might wonder what type of plantation shutter is best for you. Of course, the style of your home will play a large part in determining this. For instance, cafe-style shutters cover the bottom half of the window and are an excellent choice for adding privacy to lower windows on the wall or adding an element of interest and light control.

Full height shutters offer maximum privacy and light control as they cover the full height of the window. They can be opened from top to bottom or folded back at both ends for maximum flexibility; these shutters can even be mounted slightly above architraves, which indicates that they are floating on the wall.

Tier-on-tier shutters have two separate sets of panels, each spanning the total height of your window. One shutter is fixed while the other is moveable, allowing you to adjust them individually depending on how much light you want in each room section.


When choosing styles, you have a wide range available. You can choose a modern or contemporary style, or if you want something more traditional, you can choose classic white plantation shutters that match your home’s look. 

No matter what kind of pattern or variety you choose, it’s essential to take note of the composition and general construction of your shutter to keep it in good condition. Also, when considering the best material for plantation shutters, make sure they are of durable materials such as aluminium or wood.

The most popular types of shutters are wood and vinyl. Both materials offer different benefits and features.

Size and Shape 

When it comes to shutter size, you have several options. The first is custom-made shutters; the second is standard sizes available at most retailers, and the third is do-it-yourself shutters. Custom-made shutters will fit your window exactly, so if you have a variety of different sized windows or windows with many shapes, this is the most cost-effective option. 

When measuring your window for custom shutters, measure from top to bottom and left to right in three or four different places across the window and use the smallest measurement.

These are a few things you should focus on when buying plantation shutters for your home. 

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